Is Venus Terzo Married to Jose Charbonneau? Know about their Relation and More

HitBerryPublished on   23 Jan, 2017Updated on   13 May, 2021

Okay. The thing about being too private is actually good, ya know. People won’t judge you if they don’t know s**t about you. Right?

Naah, it’s actually the other way for people who follow them or who admire them, they would want to know some stuff, people like us, more precisely. Likewise, we’ve some info about Venus Terzo and José Charbonneau. Some believed that they got married. Find out if it’s true, and ofc their relationship.

Who Venus Terzo?

Well, Venus Terzo is a Canadian actress and a voice actress too. We can follow her voice in popular western animations like: ‘X-Men Evolution’ as Jean Grey, ‘The New adventures of He-Man’ as Crita and so on.

Terzo is more popular for her role in ‘Da Vinci’s Inquest’ as Detective Angela Kosmo. Furthermore, some of her real life movies would be: ‘12 Rounds: Reloaded’ with Randy Orton, ‘Circle of Friends’ with Julie Benz, ‘Spectacular’ with Nolan Gerard Funk and more.  

Movie Poster of '12 Rounds Reloaded II: Reloaded'.

Movie Poster of '12 Rounds Reloaded II: Reloaded'.

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Is Venus Terzo Married?

Some sites like wiki kinda believe that she is married to José Charbonneau and some believe that she is bisexual. But we know that it’s not true. If you don’t find any information, it doesn’t mean that they are gay or bisexual. But some moronic figures still follow that thing. 

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

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Venus Terzo and José Charbonneau

We are pretty certain that they are not married. However, there are reports on their relationship. They might have dated for some time or maybe shared a relationship, but yea, I don’t think they are married. If she isn’t married, who is she dating at present? The question always remained, though. 

Venus Terzo and José Charbonneau

Venus Terzo and José Charbonneau

Who is Venus Terzo Dating?

Many popular sites like whosdatedwho believe that she is currently single. But we don’t know if it’s true at this very moment. Cuz you know, she is ridiculously hot and all men would want to be her other half. And furthermore, she is too secretive about her personal life and hasn’t shared much of her stuff. So, maybe she is dating! Or maybe not. 

Jean Grey.

Jean Grey

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