Is Troy Aikman a homosexual? Know about his married life and children

December 4, 2016
First Published On: December 4, 2016
by HitBerry

Troy Aikman is a well-known rugby / football (American) player widely known as former American football quarterback and has contributed 12 years of his sports career to the Dallas Cowboys. He was born in the November of 1966 in West Covina of California. He attended University of California in Los Angeles. He joined Fox network after retiring in 2000 and currently works for Fox network as small screen sports journalist and is also a partner of the San Diego Padres.


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Is the epitome of manhood Troy Aikman homosexual?

There have been many rumors regarding his sexuality. He has been long rumored to be a homosexual. The incident of his failed marriage with Rhonda also points the notion in the direction that he could be a homosexual or bisexual for that matter like it was previously rumored because nobody seems to know the other reason behind the separation. Even after his divorce, he does not seem to be dating anyone seriously although he has been repeatedly linked with many women. This rumor about him has been in the air for twenty years but he has denied them saying that he has chosen not to date men and has chosen to live a different lifestyle. The usage of such language, however also seems to suggest that he is a homosexual because his language implies that he once used to date men.

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It also makes sense that someone with his level of stardom and reputation is not likely to come out as a homosexual even if he was, because he would not want to risk his stardom and career over his sexuality.  The fact that Troy had children also suggests the fact that he could be a bisexual rather than a homosexual. His sexuality may have resulted the end of their marriage because he may not have been able to continue living a lie and may not have been able to pretend to be someone he was not. Sexuality is a personal issue and everyone deserves to live the life the life they wish. But the thing that matters the most above all is how happy he lives his life and he deserves to chooses whatever lifestyle he chooses for that matter.

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