Is Torri Higginson planning to get married??? Rumors of secret boyfriend and whirlwind romance....

August 25, 2015
First Published On: August 25, 2015
by HitBerry

If rumors are to be believed then Canadian actress Torri Higginson is finally set to tie the knot in the upcoming months. There has been talk of a secret man that she has been in a whirlwind romance with. The Canadian born actress has always remained private about her relationships. She has never admitted to dating with anyone in particular. However, one of her close friends has revealed that she has shown a deep interest in a mystery man and they might be thinking of getting married soon.

Despite keeping her love life well hidden, the 45-year old has been seen with a few personalities before. A decade or so ago, Higginson was said to be in a relationship with Paul Raven of the band Killing Joke. Raven was the bass player of the band.

Higginson was also found to be dating John Kastner of the Canadian rock band, Doughboys. Both of them shared the same home country. This lasted for a really short period of time. Later, Kastner got engaged to actress Nicole de Boer, who happens to be a close friend of Higginson.

In 2005 there was a wild rumor amongst her fans that she, Torri Higginson, was getting married to Canadian actor and songwriter Michael Shanks. Everyone was gossiping about how they were perfectly suitable for each other and all the good things about them. Unfortunately, the news turned out to be a huge lie. Since then, there has been nothing new about her love life in the public.

Higginson started her career in acting at a young age of 21. She initially started as a theatre actor. Her first film was The Photographer’s Wife, where she took the role of Suzanna. In 1994, she appeared on the T.V series TekWar, which earned her great fame.

In 2004, Higginson was recruited for the role of Dr. Elizabeth Weir instead of actress Jessica Steen in the T.V series Stargate SG-1 at the eighth season. After that, she continued her role as Dr. Elizabeth Weir in the Stargate Atlantis from 2004 till 2007. This series was a huge success. After that, she was offered roles in many films and television series. Majority of the series that Higginson has acted are science fiction.

Higginson has also bagged several awards in her career. In the year 2000, she won the Gemini Award for the best performance by an actress in a continuing lead for television drama series, The City. After four years, she was nominated for the Saturn Award for the best supporting actor on the Television series, Stargate Atlantis.

 As for now, Higginson is involved in the T.V series, Dark Matter. Currently, she has about 4k followers in the Twitter. In the Instagram, she has around 1k followers. We hope she has finally found her soul mate and we get to see her tie the knot in the near future.