Is Tony Stockwell married? Who is his wife? And how's their relationship?

From the list of celebrities who like to keep their personal life away from the media, Tony Stockwell's life is no different than them. As we have come across from different celebrities who hit the news with their love affairs, here we are back with Tony who likes to keep his personal life away from the media. Stockwell rarely makes public appearances, despite being one of the renowned TV personality.

If you surf on the internet, there is less information about this British TV personality. So who is he dating? If not, is he married? Let's know about him.

Who is Tony Stockwell? Know more about him

You might not be familiar with the name Tony Stockwell as he doesn't hit the news much. Stockwell is a British Physic medium, an author and a Television personality with a career spanning more than 29 years.

From his early age, he began his journey to become one of the country's most well know Psychic Mediums. At the age of 16,  he attended a local spiritualist church to observe a Medium Work and that was the time he knew what he wanted to be in his life.

Tony Stockwell, source: Heidi

Over the past years, Stockwell developed and demonstrate his mediumistic ability. In the course of his career, he had 13 UK tours, from 2004 onwards. While sharing his ability to others he undertook an extension tour of New Zealand, USA, Spain, Holland, Denmark and much more.

Tony Stockwell at one of his tour, source:  y Tim

Apart from his tours, Stockwell had his hands on teaching and lecturing. He has been in the teaching career from 1990 to present. Tony is one of the respected and approved tutors of 'the Arthur Findlay College' Embracing The Spirit, The Spirit of Summer, Stand Up for Spirit and  The Demonstrating Medium to the day.

Tony Stockwell and his books, source: s media

The talented Tonywell is also one of the recognizable faces in the news world. He has had his own solo Television series including the Psychic Detective’, ‘Street Psychic, ‘Psychic School’ for Living TV, Psychic Academy'.

Tony Stockwell and his past relationship

Tony likes to keep his life under shade as there are not much of records of this British TV personality. The only information you can collect on him is from his social media. Judging from the Instagram of Tony, he is married and is blessed with two adorable kids.

Likewise, his love life, the identity of his children is still undiscovered. There are just a few pictures of his children on Instagram.

If we switch to the twitter account of Tony, we can see him tweeting about his class and about his TV show. This is the only information on Tony. We hope in coming days, he speaks more freely about his love life.