Is Tom Wlaschiha Married? Find out his affairs and dating rumors

HitBerryPublished on   14 Dec, 2016Updated on   14 Dec, 2016

We all know the famous Game of Thrones character Jaqen H’Ghar. Yes, he is your own handsome actor Tom Wlaschiha. If you are wondering about the recent girlfriend and relationship status of the famous actor, then we are going to give you an inside news that no one has yet discovered. We are going to reveal about  Wlaschiha's Paramore on today's capsule.

Yes! the handsome man is occupied. The actor seems to be perfectly in love with German actress Anna Maria Mühe. Yes, he is romantically involved with the actress famous for Men Blind Date. The actor who is best known for Game of Thrones, Crossing Lines, and Resistance is already occupied and captured in the heart of Anna.

Tom Wlaschiha is very good at handling women

The so-called single man from Hollywood has often been seen in impressive looks and surrounded by many women. The actor who shows serious acting skills on camera screen has a fun kind of personality in reality. The actor is flawlessly handsome and that is the reason why every woman wants him so bad.

And here in this picture, he is seen charming his best friend's bride mates on his friend's wedding. Well, it is not their fault every woman in recent days will like to be around the actor with intense eyes and very impressive personality. 

Who is he dating?

he is dating a thirty-one years old german actress named Anna Maria Mühe who appeared in the famous movie Big Girls Don't Cry. Her role in the movie was highly appreciated and critically acclaimed also played in a video of Schiller's song "Sehnsucht".

Caption: Friends or lovers? Tom Wlaschiha and Anna Maria Mühe

No! the couple has been seen hugging in pictures in Wlaschiha's Instagram and he has been seen writing a cheesy caption in German as well as in English on the photographs they capture. Though the photographs are not the only adequate proof which points out them as a couple but the duo looks like they are made for each other. 

What could be the reason for this silence?

Though their pictures are posted all over the web, in Instagram people are still confused and hesitating to tag them as a couple because of the language barrier. If Tom writes something for her in English, things could have been a lot clearer but the actor uses his German skills and leaves his darling happy at the same time keeps his fans guessing.

So, fans if you are waiting for someone to decode his Instagram, google translater will do it for you. Visit his page and see the development of the new story for yourself.

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