Is Tom Hollander married? Is he dating anyone?

April 3, 2016
First Published On: April 3, 2016
by HitBerry

Do you think our hot English actor Tom Hollander is married? Or are you concerned about him dating anyone? Let us erase all your inquisitions.

Well the actor is not married yet but he definitely seem to have a girlfriend. Actually the had been gossiped about expecting a baby from his girlfriend but in an interview with HollywoodLife he did not want to open up about anything other than his personal life. So his girlfriend and the rumored baby are under the shadows of his secret and he doesn’t seem to give a single peek into his personal life.

Hence, the actor is one of those celebrities who loves to keep his personal profile low. Since he has not admitted having a girlfriend or a wife and also most of her roles are gay, he is suspected to be a gay.

You know when popular personalities stop sharing anything about their personal life, people start cooking their own stories. And similar goes with this actor too. Some say he is married, has a girlfriend, expecting a baby and others say he is gay.

To be clear, the actor being gay is highly unlikely as he has once been spotted with a girl whom he seemed to be romantically attracted. Hence, she probably might be his girlfriend. However, nothing can be said with assurance until the actor spills his affair by himself after all we are not the one who would blab about other secrets without any legitimate proof.

Tom is not only popular for his movies and TV shows, he is also a well acclaimed face in the world of charity.

In an interview with an acclaimed online magazine, he has shared some of the cons of being a celebrity. According to him, actors do their best to entertain the audience but he is not entertained about how the media tries to trespass into their personal matters for a mere publicity.

“I meet people who are famous, and it's made me realize that fame has huge lifestyle disadvantages. I'm nervous about that. I don't want to become a celebrity but I am”, he said.

Well no matter what he thinks, we all know that he is a very talented actor and we are blessed to have him.

In the same interview he also talked about how much he loves kids and stated that he also would like to be the father one day. He even emphasized that there is not any hard and fast rule for as to when to become a father.

The actor is popular on Instagram and twitter. He has many followers and his shirtless snaps add cherry to the top.

His estimated net worth is $ 5 million and he sure deserves it.