Is Tessa Brooks married or living single? Know her relationship and dating history

HitBerryPublished on   15 Jun, 2017Updated on   12 May, 2021

We all love to dance as it helps to relieve the pain and forget all our stress. Most of the dance cause we are passionate about it but some do it as a profession. Tessa Brooks is among them; pursuing a career in dancing. On today's episode, know about her personal life.


She has performed on several occasions as a dancer such as the Miss California Pageant, the Haiti Benefit Concert, and Disney's Next Big Thing. Despite her fame to her thousands of fans, they don't know if she dates anyone currently.

Is Tessa Brooks married or still living single? Who is she dating?

Well, the dancer Tessa Brooks isn't married yet. She is just on her 18 currently and also she is focusing on her career right now. So probably, she wouldn't think about her marriage any soon.

On the other hand, we didn't find her dating anyone openly. However, we think we can bring something out of her personal life.

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Though none of the reliable sites mentioned about her love life, her Instagram posts tell something about it. She frequently updates her Instagram wall with the pictures of her both male and female friends.

While there we can see she frequently spending her time with a guy. Is he her boyfriend?

Well, Nick Crompton is the guy with whom she has posted a number of photos. Nothing could be confidently told about her relationship with them as they haven't disclosed about the relation yet. In the past, Brooks went with him to the beach, dancing floor and even in some kinda functions.

In an occasion of Nick's birthday in February 2017, Brooks wished him a happy birthday with an Instagram post. She also wrote 'love you' in the picture caption which raised the curiosity in her fans mind if she's dating her.

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They started to give time to each other even more after his birthday and their followers almost believed they're dating each other. But as Nick revealed he's not straight, all the speculation flew away and the fans were compelled to believe they're just friends, nothing more.

Besides Nick, Brooks also maintained her intimate relation with Jake Paul. Though they don't date each other, they spend a lot of quality time with each other. In a recent, Jake and Brooks kissed each other which is being viral on the web and social media like YouTube.

Know more about Tessa Brooks in Short

A gorgeous American dancer Tessa Brooks born on 5th April 1999, in California. She has two sisters as her sibling, and she also has a step-sister. As per the source, she began taking dancing classes at the early age of 2; which anyone can only imagine.

After dancing in the various prestigious ceremonies like Miss California Pageant, Disney's Next Big Thing, she danced at the famous Carnation Theater as a part of one of the Michael Jackson Tribute shows.

Apart from dancing, she also did some print modeling for companies like Sketchers, Contours Designs and Coca-Cola in past.

Tessa is one of the most followed dancing celebrities on Instagram with over 1.2 million followers. She recently came to the limelight after she unfollowed one of her friends Alissa Violet who is in a good term relation with Jake Paul.