Is Sven Sundgaard from KARE11 Married? Or he has a girlfriend despite his busy schedule.

October 21, 2016
First Published On: October 21, 2016

Sven Sundgaard from KARE is a weather personality; he has been working as a meteorologist at KARE for a long time. He joined the weather channel in March 2006 and still working in the same field. He is one of the most good looking personalities working as a meteorologist.

Sven Sundgaard has been able to grow his career and have many supporters and fans everywhere. The St.Cloud State graduate first interned at KARE 11 then after working with certain other channels he started working with KARE-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul as a meteorologist again.

Sven has gained lots of popularity being a meteorologist but his personal life has been a little secret from many of his fans and supporters. Today we are here to give you the information about Sven personal life.

Sven Sundgaard

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What do you think, is he married or have a girlfriend or is single or there is a different story? Let's find out.

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Is Sven Sundgaard married, in a relationship or gay?

Sven SundgaardSven Sundgaard

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We can guess as Sven Sundgaard is a very good looking guy and many female fans may have a crush on him. But we found out that he is in a relationship and he is very much in love with his boyfriend. Yes, you heard it right; Sven is truly in love with his boyfriend Robert McEachren.


The popular gay meteorologist himself confessed this we are not making it out. He has even posted several pictures which will make you believe that he is gay in real life and a really proud one. It's very difficult to face to the crowd and say what you truly feel. Okay, you can have a look at these posts.


Sven Sundgaard was born on 17 January 1981 which makes him 34 now. To this day, Sven does not have any connection with girls or confessed that he has been interested in female. Many people guessed that he may want to keep his personal life private; but after the posts, every one of his fans got stunned.



Atlanta Pride y'all! #atlpride #atlpride2016 ??

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Sven Sundgaard is a very strong person who has accepted who he is and wants people to know about his real identity.