Is Sophia Smith, Liam Payne's Stylish Model Girlfriend Engaged to the One Direction Star? Fans going Wild over Rumor

HitBerryPublished on   20 Jul, 2015Updated on   28 May, 2021

Is Liam Payne ready to be a husband? One Direction fans have been going crazy on Twitter ever since rumors started suggesting that Liam, 21 and his longtime girlfriend Sophia Smith got engaged.

#SophiamIsEngaged started trending on twitter and left some fans puzzled. Fans congratulated the boyband member and his childhood crush on their supposed engagement.  Whereas, other fans think the rumors as are fake. Some of them sarcastically pointed out that Niall would be next.

If Liam were indeed getting married, it would not be a surprise at all. Liam seems totally smitten with Sophia. He already posts adorable pictures of “Sophiam” on his Instagram page.

It has been a difficult year for the boyband and fans alike. With band member Zayn Malik leaving the band to pursue a solo career, the band has been the center of attention this year.

On top of all that, rumors sparked earlier this month, saying that One Direction member Harry Styles was threatened by a fan. After a Twitter account started posting death threats against the band member, fans were left worried. They took their own accounts to alert the singer about these threats and subsequently got the account removed. However, another account surfaced immediately. This resulted in trending topic #HarryBeCareful. A few days later, the threats were debunked.

However, this wasn’t the end of trouble for the band. Just days after the death threats against Harry, rumors emerged about band member Louis Tomlinson. Reports said that Tomlinson was expecting a baby. Yes, that’s right. Louis, who is only 23 years of age, is said to be expecting his first child with ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth. After a tough breakup with another ex, model and student Eleanor Calder, Louis was seen around with Briana a lot. And looks like his fling with Briana ended in a baby. Following the initial reports, tabloids further reported that Louis wanted to settle Briana with money and that it would cost him up to £10 million.

Recent reports say that the band’s mentor Simon Cowell suggested that Louis “man up”. Cowell, who is also the judge of X Factor, the TV show which brought One Direction to the limelight said to The Sun, “You're fortunate because you're in a position to be able to look after the baby and not worry about too much else.”

Simon further joked, “He didn't kill anyone, he just got someone pregnant.”

Fans who are not yet over Zayn’s departure from the band were also caught up in the feud between former band member Zayn Malik and British DJ Naughty Boy.

So, is this just another installment in the string of rumors that reach the band or is marriage really in the near future for hot guy Liam? Should we expect a rumor about Niall anytime soon?