Is Soccer star Tobin Heath's "mystery boyfriend" in fact a mystery girlfriend? Is Heath a Lesbian?

HitBerryPublished on   28 Aug, 2015Updated on   18 May, 2017

At the moment, many people seem to be presuming that American soccer star Tobin Heath might be gay. According to her Facebook, Heath is in a relationship with a certain someone since 2011. But the question is she has not revealed that person yet. Hence rumors are flying everywhere that, her partner is her girlfriend rather than her boyfriend and that Heath might be a lesbian.

It is unnatural for anyone so beautiful to stay single and unmarried. But it’s even weird if someone admits that she is in a relationship, but is never seen dating anyone. That is what happened to Heath. The two times Olympic Gold Medalist has kept her love life absolutely private, which has led to many speculations in the media.

But Tobin is dating a kid from Nj. His name is Christopher and he’s 26. Someone found his facebook. Check it out if you guys don't believe me.

Heath may be in a secret relationship with her ‘mystery man’. But as far as people are concerned, she has never been spotted dating anyone in particular. Her beautiful figure has entranced many men towards her. Standing 5ft 6inches tall, Heath has an athletic build and is really something to look at.

Besides her love life, Heath is really attached to her family. She has frequently admitted that had her parents not been that supportive, then she would never have reached this far.

Heath is also a devoted follower of Christianity. In an interview with the Belief Net she said, “I can’t even imagine going through life without my relationship with Jesus. So much of it is me relying on Him and me needing Him, not just in those crazy circumstances but in the day-to-day activities. During that time at the World Cup, it was a rollercoaster ride, but it was neat to just see His hand on that. It’s more than just winning or losing. There are so many relationships that go deeper than that. He has a plan in it all. You have to trust that.”

Moving on towards her career, Heath started playing soccer at a very young age. She also played for the PDA Wildcats team which won the Club National Championship in 2003. Furthermore, Heath was ranked as the second best recruit in the nation of Class of 2006 by Soccer Buzz Magazine. She started her professional career in clubs after 2010. In 2014, Heath was signed by Paris Saint-Germain. She scored five goals there.

Heath has been remembered mostly for her unsuccessful attempt in the penalties at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2011 in the final against Japan. But besides this failure, Heath has already won two gold medals in the Olympics and a silver medal followed by a golden one in the World Cup. In 2009, she was named as the Soccer’s Youngest Female Athlete of The Year.

Currently, Heath has a net worth of 1 million dollars. She has about 161k followers in the Twitter and 308k followers in the Instagram. We hope that Heath has a happy, successful and a prosperous life ahead of her.