Is singer Maluma a casonova? He makes out with fans and reported to sleep with TV Host

HitBerryPublished on   02 Jun, 2016Updated on   07 May, 2021

After being a guy, it normal to have a girlfriend or being in a relationship. One the top of that when you are a celebrity it is too much easy to be in a relationship and also it is easy breaking up.      

Hot Maluwa showing his tattoo.

Same thing happens to 22-year-old Cambodian Singer Maluwa.  he made out with fans on stage and on the top of that, he slept with a TV Host chic.

Holy mother of god!

He was like stunner because he manages to drag her a beautiful young lady on stage and gave a kiss to her lips.

The lady with whom singer was making out was Grette Duran who is originally from Cuba. She got an invitation to Maluma’s hotel.

Nowadays he has been posting his hottest picture on his Instagram. Anyone could get seduced after looking at those pictures. Maybe this is the reason why girls are all around of him. Popstar is popular not only for his happening new single but also for his news for the seductive post on  Instagram.

After all those facts about him and his playboy type act. You would be utterly  surprised that there are even death rumors about his. Here the more info