Is "Sense8" actor Max Riemelt gay? Is he married?

HitBerryPublished on   19 Jun, 2017Updated on   09 Jul, 2018

German actor Max Riemel hit the spotlight after appearing internationally in the role of Wolfgang Bogdanow in the Netflix series "Sense8". While in Germany, he acted and directed in several television series and movies. But what about his personal life? Is Max Riemelt gay or straight?


After Max Riemelt was caught kissing "Sense8" co-star Brian J. Smith, people claim him as gay. So, do you think he's gay? Check out the full story below. Also, there are rumors of his marriage. Check it out…

Is "Sense8" actor Max Riemelt gay?

It was common when a man kissed another man on-screen like it's just for a script. But when it comes into off-screen, it takes the whole matter into next step. Riemelt was spotted kissing the co-star of Sense8 Brian J. Smith in one of the Brazil festival held on May 30, 2016.

While interacting with his fans and waving, Riemelt turned around and gestured for Smith to kiss him. The couple shared a passionate kiss for a couple of seconds, and Brian kept his hands behind Riemelt's head. They stayed lip-locked and later parted with a smile.

The kissing partner, Brian J. Smith, claims himself straight. He also claimed that the festival was for gay and they kissed just to show some respect. Both Riemelt and Smith did not openly talk about this particular topic. There are no any past affairs of Riemelt. Moreover, he did not share his dating life. It made people think if he is gay or straight.

Is Max Riemelt married?

After they were caught kissing and all those gay news, the rumors of Riemelt having a wife and daughter just added up. You know, Riemelt is too secretive about his personal life. He rarely talks about her personal life.

Max Riemelt Max Riemelt   Source: tumblr

In one of his biographies, it is mentioned that he lives with his daughter in Berlin. Riemelt did not speak a single word regarding his marital life or wife. He even did not reveal the name of his daughter.

As he did not confirm his marital life or dating life, it's hard for us to decide about his relationship status. So, do you think, Maz Riemelt is gay?

Ten Facts about Max Riemelt

1. Max Riemelt was born on January 7, 1984, and is 34 years old.
2. Max Riemelt was born in East Berlin, East Germany.
3. Max Riemelt started his professional career in 1997.
4. Max Riemelt started his professional career at the age of thirteen in Germany.
5. Max Riemelt's birth sign is Capricorn.
6. Max Riemelt had his first television part in 1997.
7. Max Riemelt broke into US film industry after appearing in Sense8.
8. Max Riemelt is rumored to be gay.
9. Max Riemelt has one little daughter.
10. Max Riemelt has a brother named Lukas.