Is Samantha Ferris married? Is she dating anyone?

April 3, 2016
First Published On: April 3, 2016
by HitBerry

Known for her recurring role in the hit TV series Supernatural, Samantha Ferris needs no introduction but we are going to give it anyway.

During mid-1990s, before pursuing her career in acting, Samantha worked as a television reporter in KVOS TV-12 and Vancouver's BCTV. At that time, her alias was Janie Ferris.

It was late ‘90s when Samantha started to land roles in the television industry with minor roles to start from. Now, she has appeared in a dozen movies and numerous television series portraying diverse characters.

Although Samantha can easily improvise any role, she finds the role that is more like her individual self to be more compatible.

“Ellen is raw, hardworking, hard loving, hard living. As I have called her before she is a 'gun toting, beer drinking, bar owning broad'. Very close to my own personality, actually and thank god, I got to wear jeans and boots instead of high heels and suits”, said Samantha is one of the interviews for Supernatural.

Coming to the topic at hand, Samantha is known to be a very secretive person. There are absolutely no news on her dating anyone. She has not revealed any of her boyfriends, if she has had any. She is not yet married as per our knowledge and haven’t been divorced either.

Although there might be rumors about her having affair with anyone, they are just internet hoaxes and Samantha herself has not said anything. As far as we know, she does not have any children outside marriage and has not adopted any. She certainly seems single. Samantha has not disclosed any preference in her potential husband either.

Currently 46 years of age, she looks as young as ever, stunning and beautiful. She stands at 1.6m and looks pretty from every angle. She is considered one of the hottest celebrity of her age and it certainly is no extension by any means.

Multi-talented in various fields, Samantha also worked as a DJ in radio at Rock 101.1 FM and Shore 104.3 FM.

For her performance in the movie The Tall Man (2012), Samantha was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Chainsaw Awards in 2013. Some of her other best known movies are Along Came the Spider (2001) and Shattered (2007).

In the world of TV shows, she is famous for her role of Ellen Harvelle in Supernatural, Nina Jarvis in The 4400, Meryl Rothman in The L Word, etc.

Samantha is quite active on social media, especially Twitter. Her fan following has reached around 86k and she is very much grateful for their support. Despite gaining wide popularity she is very kind and humble person and polite to everyone.

Much like her personal background, her net worth and salary are not disclosed but considering her profession and talent, we estimate it to be millions of dollars.