Is Robert Durst dead? Know about his Personal Life and Murder Charge

February 12, 2017
First Published On: February 12, 2017
by HitBerry

Robert Durst is an American real estate heir who has many charges of crimes and murders. You may have heard about his recent rumors about the murder suspense. It sounds horrible right? He has been accused of many charges while filming the documentary for HBO.

Robert Durst is not yet dead but was to be given a death penalty if found guilty. The American millionaire has failed to disconnect his microphone while he was filming an HBO documentary on his life, The Jinx. 

He was recorded saying “what did I do? I killed them all.” He has not only been charged with a first-degree murder but also with drug charges. Later, he was not found guilty of the murder in Los Angeles. I don't really get it. 

Robert Drust with his Lawyer in the Court

Personal life of  Robert Durst and some of his cases

Robert Durst didn't have to struggle much as he already had a family business running on. So, he expanded his family business. Robert was married to Kathleen McCormack in 1973. In 1982, Kathleen disappeared after having an argument with Robert. Kinda strange, ya know.

Robert Durst and Kathleen McCormack


No one has been able to find what happened to her. Robert was charged with the murder of his wife. However, due to lack of evidence, no actions were taken against Robert. Now, the family of Kathleen has filed $100 million civil suits against Robert.

The case was filed by the brother of Kathleen too. Lawyer of Durst said that anybody can file a civil suit but unless filed with evidence, no actions can be taken against Durst. No further inquiries about the case have been setup.

The relationship between Durst and his first wife ended in a very strange way. Durst was then married to Debrah Lee Charatan in 2000.  She met Durst in the late 80s, and after that, they dated for a couple of years. She has supported him in many of his steps and drug cases. She was found to defend him until the murder case in Los Angeles.

Rumors are going on that Durst’s wife has not spoken to him since the explosive documentary aired. It seems like they know each other’s secret. Durst has been living with his lawyer but it has not been revealed yet. Speaking of his children, he doesn't really have any children.

Robert Durst and his second wife Debrah Lee Charatan


However, the couple is not showing any kinds of separation signs but it has been confirmed, after the murder case, Durst’s wife no longer supports him. This is very much unexpected actually. Durst’s marital life is not going in a smooth flow. Though, Durst was not found guilty but is still one of the suspects for the police.

You can have a look at the trailer of 'The Jinx' the life and death of Robert Drust yourselves.