Is Riki Lindhome Dating or Married already?

September 26, 2017
First Published On: September 26, 2017
by HitBerry

The Gilmore Girls actress, Riki Lindhome who earned immense name and fame in the industry with her perfect comic timing, she has been in the hearts of many. If you are still confused remembering her, maybe your confusion will be cleared away after knowing her better from 'The Big Bang Theory' or perhaps from 'Garfunkel' and 'Oates'.

Her fans and followers want to know if she is already married or still there in the dating zone? Dating rumors always surrounded the celebs, but Riki Lindhome has been out of all those.

Is Riki Lindhome Dating anyone?

As we know, girls love the ones who can make them "Feel Special" until she bursts out into tears. But, it’s inapplicable in case of 38 years old actress Riki. Undoubtedly, Riki Landhome has been ruling in the hearts of many, but the other way around, she could possibly be single as she has kept her private life away from the limelight.

Big Bang Theory star, Riki Lindhome Big Bang Theory star, Riki Lindhome, Source: Getty Images

But it's kinda hard to believe, isn't it? If you don’t believe us, you can check out her social networking sites where she reportedly made ironic tweets and her feeds on Instagram which says it all about her boyfriend.


Well, the picture speaks for itself, right? Riki took a picture and cracked jokes about her so-called boyfriend. And one of her tweets go like this, "the computer is far better than a boyfriend". It does make sense though.. LOL



Recently, she is busy with the series 'Another Period', the season 3 for the series premiere on February 2018. And about her dating life, neither she showed any signs of having a boyfriend nor any plans of getting married.

Well! These are the proves regarding Riki's single life. She isn't with her husband or a boyfriend for now and doesn't wish to have one anytime soon. And even if she meets her future boyfriends in the future, with no surprise, the irony would be that she'll experience the things which she hated; everything about marriage and having a husband.  

Accidental Slut by Riki Lindhome


In the meantime, Riki is enjoying life on her own, going to shows and night outs. Moreover, she is enjoying the best of her life having fun as seen on the social networking sites. However, whatever the scenario is, we just like to see our satirist who always made us laugh, have a delightful life ahead.