Is Reporter Darlene Rodriguez Married? Find out her Dating History and Relationship.

January 22, 2017
First published on:January 22, 2017
by HitBerry

Extremely beautiful Darlene Rodriguez is an American journalist who is working as co- anchor on WNBC of Today in New York. She is best known for her outstanding personality and interacting skills.

Today here, we will be discussing whether Darlene is married or not. Also know more about her marriage life, alongside her past affairs and dating history.

Is Reporter Darlene Rodriguez married?

Yes, Reporter Darlene Rodriguez is a married woman and is married to David Rodriguez. He served as a police officer at New Rochelle Police Department. The exact date of their marriage has still not been revealed till the date.

Reporter Darlene Rodriguez

Reporter Darlene Rodriguez

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Unfortunately, Darlene's husband David was accused of utilizing the authority to have sexual contact with a teen lady (seventeen-year girl). Talking about this particular case, David arrested the girl's boyfriend. He then later returned alone and raped her. David himself admitted the crime and the fact that he used his authority.

David was then announced to be the culprit by a court however; he was given a year conditional discharge. After he was announced guilty, he also resigned from New Rochelle.

Darlene Rodriguez with her husband David Rodriguez

Darlene Rodriguez with her husband David Rodriguez

Throughout all this problem, Darlene didn't leave her husband alone but instead she supported him every single time. Even though the media broadcasted several news; she didn't listen to them. She never stopped caring about her husband and didn't break the relationship. Isn't it a perfect example of a wife?

This is something called love. Love is not about staying with your partner in the good times but staying and trusting your partner in his/ her hard times. Darlene proved that she will never leave her husband no matter what. This is the best example of true love.

People will always complain about you no matter what you do. When Darlene supported his husband throughout his hard times, she was criticized by all. She was then called with various nicknames and negative comments. What do you think? Would it be ok if Darlene didn't support her husband and leave him at that particular moment?


The couple jointly solved all those problems and is now actually enjoying a happy marital life. Darlene and David live in Croton-on-Hudson with their three children. She is now respected and regarded to be the best and loving wife from all over the world.

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About her past affairs and dating history, as indicated by whos dated who, she has never ever been involved in any kind of affairs. She is a simple lady who is totally loyal to her husband David Rodriguez.

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