Is Regina King Married after Divorce with Ian Alexander Sr., Know about her Current Affairs, is she Ready to Date?

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Regina Rene King; an American actress and television director. She is best known for her magnificent role as Brenda Jenkins on the NBC sitcom 227. She has also appeared in the movies like Jerry Maguire, The Boondocks, and Southland.

Regina was once married to Ian Alexander Sr. in 1997 but got divorced on Nov 2006. She has gone through numerous linkups and breakups. Today, here we will be discussing her marital life and past affairs.

Is Regina King Ready to Date again?

 It's not been around three decades or say 32 years that Regina has appeared in the field. She is equally popular in older and younger generations. Right after her divorce with Ian Alexander Sr. now everyone is keen to know about her personal life.

Regina King

Regina King

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At the moment, as per various sources, Regina King is single. She is totally focusing on her career. But she reveals that she would not mind to date again. In one of her interviews with Wendy Williams, she revealed the qualities that a boy needs to be her man. She said:

"You need to do better job at it,"

She also added:

"I've been so busy with work, and my girlfriends are like, 'Do you think a man is just gonna go knock on the door, like, 'I'm here!'?' And I think I wish he would, but I have to make that more of a priority."

 In the interview, she clearly indicated that she is looking forward to date and might be dating again. When Wendy asked, "Can he be the plumber or does he have to own the plumbing company?"

She replied:

"I mean, look, look, this is the thing. I think you can find love anywhere, and my heart is open to it, but I would like to have...if I can pay for us to go on a vacation, all expenses paid out of my  own pocket, then he should be able to do that as well."


Regina King and Alexander Sr.'s Marital Life

Regina King was once married to Ian Alexander Sr. on 23rd April 1997. The couple, however, worked hard and maintained their marital life safe for around 9 and half years.

Regina King and Ian Alexander Sr with their son

Regina King and Ian Alexander Sr with their son

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It really takes a few seconds to break the relationship. As said, the couple got separated after sharing 9 years long marital life.  The couple was happily married until Regina found out that her husband was cheating her with another woman.

The couple was blessed with a child before they were married. So, we can expect that the couple dated before they tied the knot. Regina gave birth to their child Ian Alexander Jr. on January 19, 1996. After their divorce, Regina is taking care of her son as a single mom.

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Regina King's Past Affairs

Regina King was once said to be dating American actor Curtis Baldwin. The exact date of their relationship has not been revealed yet. Right after, she was then married to Ian Alexander Sr. The couple got married in 1997 and got divorced in 2006.

Regina was also linked up with American Basketball player Quentin Richardson. The couple was said to be dating in the year 2006. However, their relationship did not work out and got separated in the same year.

In 2007, Regina was said to be dating American actor Nicholas Gonzalez. Nicholas was actually 5 years younger than Regina. However, this relationship was not fruitful to Regina thus got separated after dating for a very short time.

Regina King and Nicholas Gonzalez

Regina King and Nicholas Gonzalez

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After a very time, Regina then dated American actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner. The couple started dating since January 2011. After dating for around two years, the couple broke up in March 2013. Regina revealed that Malcolm dumped her on Valentine’s Day. However, Malcolm congratulated Regina King on Emmys 2015 win.

Regina King with Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Regina King with Malcolm-Jamal Warner

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Even after so many failure relationships, Regina is happily living with her son Ian Alexander Jr. We wish Regina a very good luck to find the love of her life.  

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