Is Rapper Skizzy Mars Single or Dating a Girlfriend? Know his Current and Past Affairs

November 8, 2017
First Published On: November 8, 2017

If you guys are not familiar with the name Skizzy Mars, he is an internet sensation and next-generation rapper. At an age of just 18, he was already compared to the likes of Drake, Wiz and Kanya. Now he is 24, so he must be causing serious damages?

No doubt Skizzy leads a gliding career but is he dating or not? He has achieved the age and fame. So let's find out if the young rapper got himself a gal or a guy in that case.

Skizzy Mars Dating the singer, JoJo?

Skizzy Mars first came with Douchebag, his debut single became hit but it was not overnight as people say. It took him more than 4 years. But there are still no words about his dating life except for his Instagram post.

Skizzy Mars Instagram Source: Instagram

Myles Mills a.k.a Skizzy talks about his love for a girl via his album 'Alone Together'. You should listen to 'Girl on the train' and 'Recognize'. You will get the vibes that he is definitely in love.

So, might he be secretly in love with someone? He even posted this on Instagram from which we can take a hint that he believes in true love.

Skizzy Mars Instagram post of love quote Source: Instagram

Even though he does not share his love life, we at least know the name of his first crush. Mars when asked in an interview if he remembers his first crush, he came up with the name, Tori.

Okay, then he is definitely not gay. Phew! Skizzy said he first fell in love with a girl from Manhattan when he was around 13 years old.

With all the rappers of his age flirting around with their dope girlfriends, Skizzy Mars would also want a hot girlfriend to comb his hair.

Although his name was once linked with the singer, JoJo he said they were just friends. The Harlem rapper had worked with Jojo for the song 'Recognize' for the same album, 'Alone Together'.

Rapper Skizzy Mars and Singer JoJo Rapper Skizzy Mars and Singer JoJo Source:

The I'm Ready rapper has worked with several top-notch artists including G-Easy and Jasmine Thompson.

But here's a post on his Instagram, which suggests otherwise. Probably the rapper does not want to disclose his love life. Okay, we understand.

Skizzy Mars Instagram Source: Instagram

Can you believe that this brilliant rapper dropped out of school in 2011 after only 10 weeks of joining? Looking at the past, there were some genius dropout artists. Maybe school is just boring for them or their idea of art is just not limited to the boundaries of school.

Take a look at his music video and we will let you be the judge of yourself.

The Harlem rapper's first two mixtapes were out in 2013 and 2014, which only a few people are aware of. But he's already got more than 132ooo Instagram followers. So he's adamant that,

I’m going to be the next kid to revolutionize music. I’m going to be the next guy to be the most consistent artist since Kanye West. I will never release a bad song. I’ll be that dude. You can count on me. My ear and my team and people around wouldn’t let me

For now, the true romance of the upcoming hit rapper and internet star, Skizzy Mars seems to be his one and only career. Good luck Ski!