Is Rachel Skarsten dating anyone? Who is her boyfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Apr, 2016Updated on   10 Apr, 2016

Rachel Skartsten is Canadian actress best known for her role as Dinah Lance on the TV series Birds of Prey which was also her first major role, just at the age of 16. After Birds of Prey, she moved back home to graduate high school from Earl Haig Secondary School. She graduated in top 10% of her class and was accepted to the prestigious Canadian Queens University. There, she completed a double major in English Literature and Classical history. After graduation, she backpacked around Western Europe for four months with friends. She moved back to Los Angeles in spring of 2008.

Following this, she returned to acting with arcs on Flashpoint, The Listener, and The LA Complex. Rachel represents the role of Tamsin in the supernatural crime drama TV series Lost Girl. Her role as Tamsin is also considered as one of the best characters she has put on screen till date. Rachel represents Andrea in successful movie Fifty Shades of Grey (2015). Her latest appearance was in Reign (2015) as Queen Elizabeth. She will be appearing in many movies and TV shows in the future as well.

Before her acting career, she danced for the Royal Academy of Dance for 12 years, earning her Elementary level with distinction in 1999. After an injury in her ankle, Rachel was forced to give up dancing and so she turned into sports. She played at the highest level of competitive female hockey as a goalie for the Leaside Wildcats in Toronto, where in 2002 she won Toronto City Championships in a shootout. We can say that Rachel is gifted in every way be it acting, dance or sports.

Now that we know how successful and gifted she is, how about getting into her personal zone.

How about starting with a basic question? Let’s start with her hobbies first, shall we! When Rachel was asked 'What are some of your hobbies?" she replied,I love doodling, I’m always doodling. I suppose that’s not a real hobby but it is something that I do with much of my spare time. I love watching hockey. I will watch any team at any time. What else? I wish I could say something cool like cooking, but that would not be true.” So she is not a cook! What next?


Her love life it is then, it is true that Rachel is not married yet, but there is still a question mark on her dating history. .  She has not opened up about any of her affairs yet. People often think that Rachel is a lesbian or even bisexual. She has teased media with a tiny bit of information that she has a boyfriend in real life. But a tease is a tease so nobody knows who he exactly is. Hope we don’t have to wait until the boyfriend she is currently dating becomes her husband.

Her net worth remains unknown.