Is Poppy Drayton Single? Know her Affairs and Relationship

Recently, we came across a lot of celebrities that shocked most of the viewers and fans. Whether it's their career or sexuality, there is always something that keeps in their solitary life. We have a relatable story today. Have a glance!

The princess of the drama series Poppy Darton is mostly known for role in the MTV fantasy drama series 'The Shannara.' But we are not going after her personal life. In recent days, one question strikes among her fans, Is this star seeing anyone? Well without any further delay, let's get into this.

Is Poppy Drayton Single?

Poppy Gabriella Drayton aka Poppy has always been a public interest for quite a time now. Although she is a celebrity, Poppy is a lil secretive when opening about her relationship. Drayton has love chemistry few with of her co-stars of the screen, but we can't disclose them as a couple.

However, despite being such a renowned artist, her dating life has never been in a notice. Where other celebrities often get dragged in scandals, Poppy never made any headlines apart from her movies and series promotion.

Poppy Drayton, source: gotceleb

After bumping into Poppy's Instagram, we notice most of her time; Poppy likes to spend most of her time with her crew. Often, Drayton shares pictures from her vacation and movie set.

Still, there are not rumored ay rumored relationship or boyfriend. Talking about the commitment, it seems like the 26-year-old actress is pretty serious with her career. On the priority level, Poppy keeps her profession at the top.

Well, you know what they say, nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities. She might be dating at the moment, but Poppy hasn't made it official yet.

Poppy Drayton past relationships and affairs

After looking at the past, Poppy has been rumored to be dating c0-stars from her movie set. Rumors have it; Poppy took her on reel love chemistry off the screen. And that was none other than The Shannara Chronicles co-star Aaron Jakubenko.

Aaron Jakubenko, source: Culture Trip

In this series, the bond between Poppy and  Aron was so intense that their fans began to spread the rumors. But there are no such clues or snap of their dates, which proves that these two hit off in real life.

In an interview, when asked about the love triangle on epic Shannara chronicles and working with one of her co-star Austin Butler and Aaron, she replied.

There’s a wonderful love triangle between the three of them. What’s interesting is that it’s not your typical love triangle in that it’s not always two girls vying for the same guy and sort of being hideously jealous of each other constantly.

On the other hand, neither of them have ever confirmed about their relationship. Though the rumors are on the internet, we cant draw any conclusions. Their relationship might be just a romantic fling or just a story.

Apart from this, Poppy has never been linked with one of co-star or mystery men. It looks like her love life is on the screen in real life.