Is pauly shore gay? Find out his girlfriend and affairs

HitBerryPublished on   14 Dec, 2016Updated on   06 May, 2021

Well, speaking of truth, we don’t know Pauly Shore like his closed ones do. So, it’s a bit inappropriate for us to judge whether he is gay or not.

Though he never admitted to stuff like that, people judge him for who he is not. So, I kinda find this a lil hypercritical. Today, find out about his personal life, or if he is gay, and if he is not, about his past affairs and girlfriends. Find out everything you would wanna know.

Is Pauly Shore gay?

There are a lot of people who consider him as gay, even when they don’t know sh*t about him. Also there are some sites that count him as one. But as indicated by whosdatedwho, he has had several relationships in the past; and guess what? no guys were in the list except for one, though.

So, I am kinda confused right now as you are, cuz how can one judge other by his act on social sites or any other media or unrealistic shows? I find this stuff really offensive, don’t you guys agree? We leave rest up to you guys. Call him gay, but what I prefer is, get some real evidences before you decide and look before you leap.

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Pauly Shore’s Past Affairs

Though Pauly dated several girls before, there is this one guy who’s making each one of us dubious. He is Alex Noble; people believe he is a fashion designer and that he is Gay. So, the rumors might be true and it may not be too. Like I said earlier, no one except for his closed ones know about him in a proper manner.

As about his relationship, Pauly has dated some of the hottest faces. They are: Brandy Alexandre, Jewel De’Nyle, Kina Tavarozi, Midori, Deborah Laufer, Tiffany Thiessen, Savannah, Jill St. Marks, Kylie Minogue, Wafah Dufour and Jillian Grace. So, just one guy who is making everyone of us confused as hell, well, is it appropriate to judge them?

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But do you guys know what I think about this whole mess. It might happen by chance that he is bisexual. Too much confusion, though. Celebrities are too hard to read, that is what I have learned over the past few years.