Is Olivia Scriven dating anyone? Is she married?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Apr, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

The young actress of 19 years age is currently single. Olivia Scriven, one of the significant cast members of the popular series Degrassi: Next Generation. As she is still young, she is not married and does not have a husband.

Actually, this is not her age of marriage too and she is doing right by worrying about her career rather than being in affairs and boyfriend like stuff. Scriven’s is not actually dating anyone but she was been linked up with her co-star from the series, Richardo Hoyos. The stars being the best friends in series and real life, the speculation was made them dating each other.

Scriven did not take the speculation seriously; as she knows about the things that being a star they could strike up with such much more fake rumors about themselves. Actually, it was not a new thing for her as she has faced such rumors of links up before too.

According to Wikia, she is currently living with her co-star Lyle Lettau. This news is a shock to the fans. Scriven has not revealed the matter officially yet. Either Lettau knows the reality or Scriven herself knows it.

The spicy thing about Scriven, which you may not know is that she is a singer and can play the guitar and cello too. A completely weird obsession appears here that Scriven does not like her character Maya which she is portraying in the series Degrassi.

The reason may be she might love playing other roles, unlike Maya’s character. Her favorite character in that series is Katie and Imogen. So, assumptions can be made that she would like to portray those roles.

Whatever the reason might be she should be thankful that this is the only role which had made her popular widely. Even she revealed that she had never watched the series Degrassi before going for the audition.

In twitter, Scriven has many followers and even there appear some guys who are the crazy fan of hers.

Her beautiful and innocent looks, young attitude and acting have been her center of attraction for her young fans and others as well. Like in the series she wears glasses in real life but use contact lenses more in real life.

Quebec-born actress Scriven enjoys soccer, skiing, and baseball. And she wants a pig as a pet.

At the age of thirteen beautiful Scriven commenced pursuing acting as a career. Scriven’s is popular for her roles in TV shows like The Yard and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

In further days, Scriven would surely appear in big budget movies. And her net worth is at $200 Thousand now. Scriven should boost up to enhance her value in television.