Is Nicola Bryant married? Does she want to, at this age?

Nicola Bryant former companion of “Doctor Who” is currently not married. However, she was married earlier to singer Scott Kennedy while she was attending drama school. At the moment, she is 57 years old and it is believed that she has no intention of marrying again. 

Nicola who is in a semi-retirement phase has said she has no intentions of including herself on relationships as she is occupied with her various projects that need her immediate and utmost attention at all times. 

Nicola wants to spend most of her time with her family and friends and not trying to woo another person. Due to her first unsuccessful marriage attempt at very younger age, the disaster divorce might affect her mentally by which she is not planning for any kind of marital relationship further in her life. 

Nicola Bryant Dating History 

According to several sources, it is found out that she was involved with various people in her past life even after her divorce. However, nothing substantial came off to prove her involvement with various people. Nicola as a young actress was known to woo too many men. There is no doubt that her natural beauty and charm attracted too many men. 

Once hailed among the most beautiful women in England, she was known for her unique beauty. Especially her body which she got from years of ballet training starting from her child age. She spent most of her childhood attending ballet classes and training. She was enrolled in drama school along with ballet on her pallet.  

Nicola Bryant Career

Although Nicola had a short career it happened to be an illustrious one. Her career highlights have come from “Doctor Who” , “Breakfast Time” and “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol”.  However during her career, she never got a chance to feature in a studio movie. She once told that it really never bothered her and she is happy with what she is doing on screen.   

She was part of a few stage productions where she was acclaimed for her acting abilities and dancing skills especially ballet. Her last acting stint was on stage with the adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s “Don’t look Now”.

After her partial retirement, she tried directing a documentary film in Australia. Afterward, she even tried a hand in news reporting but couldn't succeed. Currently, she has not made any new advancement to her career. However, there have been rumors indicating various directions.

Nicola Bryant Body Measurement

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Currently, Nicola is fifty–seven years old and she stands at a height of five feet three inches. Her measurements were that of a fashion model when she was at the peak of her career as years of dance training had given her one of the most voluptuous bodies seen on TV.