Is Nazanin Boniadi Secretly Married or is she dating someone?Boniadi's All Affairs and Relationship

October 9, 2017
First Published On: October 9, 2017
by HitBerry

Is it a life to live solely or with a partner? Most of us get ourselves a guy or a girl to fall in love with. For today's digest, we have some personal information on Nazanin Bonaidi, a known beautiful Iranian actress. So let's talk if she is single or dating someone here.

Nazanin Bonaidi is British-American actress. Being born in Iran she also realizes the cruelty of this world and invests her time in social work and hopes to accomplish much for the Iranians. A kind-hearted and enchanting actress is every guy's dream girl and there are few men she dated. So, let's talk about her love life.

Is Nazanin Boniadi secretly married or single?

Really folks, is she ready to tie the knot but with whom? This question even may not have appeared Nazanin's mind. Whatever rumor that rose false alarm on the internet has now got Nazanin Boniadi's interest. And as per our research, it isn't happening any soon.

Nazanin Boniadi. source: scandalwikia

The 39-year-old glamorous actress is presently single. She might be focusing on her career and who wouldn't if one wants to achieve their most wished desire. Besides, fans must be dreaming being with Nazanin Boniadi and why destroy their imagination. Lol.

Nazanin Boniadi, source: ethinicelbs

Nazanin Boniadi Past Affairs

So we are back at it again. Digging down through Nazanin's past affairs, we found a guy whom most of the girls show affection for. If you are a fan of Nazanin Boniadi you should already have guessed who the person is else the Mission Impossible is the best you could get to ever find the person.

Nazanin Boniadi, source: Zimbio

Nazanin Boniaidi past builds up with the famous American actor Tom Cruise. The actress started dating Tom in 2004. The story behind their affair is related to their career. People tend to act in dual faces, and here, Tom Cruise relation with Nazanin went on to gather a lot of controversies which included Actor's behavior towards her.

Nazanin Boniadi and Tom-Cruise Scientology Nazanin Boniadi and Tom-Cruise Scientology

Nazanin confesses that her romance with the actor was just beautiful in the beginning. In fact, FBI also had Boniadi as a part of Tom Cruise girlfriend. This controversial issue arose after she broke up with Tom cruise and later revealed it to media. While in relation she also confessed having punished scrubbing toilet, digging ditches by Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise, who denied the allegations.

Nazanin Boniadi, source: dailymail

This news put everyone to open up their mouths and realized that she was vetted to be Cruise girlfriend by the Scientology.

All aside Tom Cruise, Nazanin is also believed to have been in a relationship with Riley Smith in 2013. Although, their affair has its origin and breakup anonymous. Fans and sources say it started when they starred in a Rom-Com called "Shirin In love".

Nazanin Boniaidi, source: Huffingtonpost

Life may be vulnerable when negativity surfaces around you, but nothing could get better at the end of the day realizing there is tomorrow yet to live. Nazanin is a brave and beautiful lady who will certainly find her soul-mate in future and we wish all the best for it.