Is Naomi Campbell Rude and a Bully? Know the Real Supermodel!

HitBerryPublished on   25 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Naomi Campbell, the British Supermodel like many celebrities, has been in the spotlight time and again, and at the court, literally because of her intolerable temper and ego. Models are in general suggested to have an attitude but Naomi has taken it too far in her real life.

Maybe Naomi's honesty is simply mistaken by people for her being rude and full of attitude. Let's find out the truth if the diva has the go-to-hell attitude or not.

Naomi Campbell Accused of Several Assaults and More

Naomi Campbell is already in gossips for dating only older guys for one reason; their net worth. Else why has Campbell only dated rich men till date? Even now the model is rumored to be dating multimillionaire Louis C. Camilleri. So naturally, you would expect her to treat non-rich people like trash. How is she in real life? Let's find out.

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Back in 2006, Naomi was brought to a New York court for assaulting her housekeeper. She literally threw a Blackberry at Ana Scolavino, hence earned the title 'blackberry-thrower'. Somebody should tell her that you should only throw punch lines not an object.

Naomi Campbell being escorted from court Naomi Campbell being escorted from court Source:

As for her punishment, she had to clean toilets and mop floors for five days. Campbell also admitted in an interview that she also assaulted Georgina Galanis, a personal assistant.

Naomi serving her Community Service as a result of the assault Naomi serving her Community Service as a result of the assault

Mike Tyson, one of Naomi’s former boyfriend, when he was asked to describe his then-girlfriend, he did not say this without any reason.

 She's scared of nothing.

Naomi Campbell with Mike Tyson Naomi Campbell with Mike Tyson Source:

You think Naomi learned her lessons, Nope! She was not the learning type. Later, the diva also got in a row at Heathrow Airport with the staff and even policemen regarding her lost luggage. This got her banned for life by the British Airways, but five years later, she was again allowed to travel on the Airways.

Naomi leaves Heathrow Police Station after she was arrested following a row regarding her lost luggage Naomi leaves Heathrow Police Station after she was arrested following a row regarding her lost luggage                        Source:

In fact, Naomi made sure earlier when she got sentenced that everyone got her message loud and clear. She was reported appearing for duty wearing a silver-sequinned Dolce & Gabbana gown. The message was:

You can bring me down to earth, but you will never humble me.

Naomi can really be stubborn as a child. In 2010, she was again into the controversial 'Blood Diamonds' testimony. The actress and model gave her testimony while wearing the beehive and sharp lemon pastels of a southern belle. Naomi thinks that nothing can change her personality. If so, then why on earth did Campbell go so far to change her Wiki profile?

It's been said that famous celebs fill their head with this idea that they can do anything and get by even if they get caught. Who knows where they get this stupid idea from? Likewise, Naomi Campbell did not seem to have thought about ethics when she committed a major felony in 2015. Find what her crime was.

Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell

The British model made the headlines for paying people to delete some chunks of line in her Wikipedia page to make her profile appear more positive or say to improve her bad image. No wonder she is listed as one of the seven Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

Wiki Strategies, which investigates unethical practices on Wikipedia found out that references which linked Naomi to Mike Tyson and actor Robert De Niro were also found to be removed. Similarly, lines relating to accusations and convictions were also omitted.

Sunshine Sachs worked to remove words that described part of Campbell's negative profile Sunshine Sachs worked to remove words that described part of Campbell's negative profile

On further investigation, it was found that these changes were actually made by a user called Alexdltb. Jack Craver tracked the user’s real name to Alexander De la Torre Bueno who happened to be working at Sunshine Sachs.

Moreover, a line which read 'Naomi’s 1994 Novel, Swan got poor reviews', was missing including a quote. Not only Campbell but there are many celebrities who committed this crime including Sarah Brightman and Mia Farrow.

Okay, now we get why Tyson had said that but like as they say, You Reap What You Sowed, sooner or later she will get treated how she has treated others. Only time will tell.

Is there another side of Naomi?

As there are bad and good sides to everything, Naomi Campbell has good sides of her as well. As a matter of fact, many people in the industry who know her, have a good opinion of her and speak highly of her loyalty. However, many complain her being a pushover but not directly. Donatella Versace, a fashion queen, and Naomi's old friend said:

They say she is spoiled and annoying. But she's not. She's very determined and very generous, and these are two qualities that nobody ever talks about.

Recently in an interview, Naomi was asked if she is concerned about people calling her ill-mannered, pushover. She said she is aware of her temper and everyone has got a temper. However, she added:

I'm a work in progress. But yes, I'm happy with the way I am now. I'm very observant and very instinctive. In life, you have to have the vulnerability to accept when you are to blame. And I do have that and I am open enough to say it. I've made mistakes. You know all that stuff, I'm not going over it again. And I admit to them, but I don't regret anything. I don't live in regret.

What does she mean by she does not regret anything? What does that make of her? In her defense, she said

You have to be able to take direction, you have to be always watching your composure, your attitude. But you have to be able to hold on to your own personality, too.

The judge and mentor of the reality Modeling competition, The Face considered herself 'a mother hen' to her 'girls' when mentoring the would-be models. So, if they did something good, she would praise them, but if not, she would be honest and not sugarcoat. The reason Naomi told was this was how they would be treated in the real world.

Naomi Campbell as the mentor with her team Naomi Campbell as the mentor with her team Source:

Campbell was even rumored to have threatened the trainee models on the show but who would not? We have also said that to someone close at some point. That's perfectly normal. A spokesperson for the model also told that Naomi could be tough to handle but success is not easily achieved, sometimes comes from tough love.

Naomi, on the other hand, was disrespected by Nicole, one of the trainee telling her she was too old for Modern Modelling industry, but she controlled the situation rather well. Here's the video.


Naomi Campbell also went through anger management treatment. We do not know for sure if Naomi has indeed realized her mistakes and has become mature. But we do know she is trying to.

Nevertheless, Naomi Campbell is inspirations to many. She is a great model and person or else she would not have so many friends. People tend to forget that.