Is model Iris Law dating anyone? Does she have a secret boyfriend?

March 28, 2016
First Published On: March 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Daughter to Jude Law and Sadie Frost, Iris made her modeling debut not long ago. Just at the age of 15, Iris showed us that she is no less than her parents when it comes to appearance. With her father being a hot actor and mother a hot fashion designer it was only imminent that their daughter would follow in their footsteps. With his brother just an edge away, Iris has given her brother a run for money.

Last December when Iris debuted her modeling career in PJ campaign, it was surely a surprising one. With her Goth looks, she looked intimidating. She certainly seems like someone who is just 15. We have to say, she did inherited some great genes. Despite their parents being divorced in 2003, both of them often appear together and support Iris and his brother Rafferty to a great extent.

Only 15 and Iris already has thousands of followers. Being one the face of a major fashion

It has been only 4 months since Iris came in the lime light and there are already talk about her being in a relationship with someone. Well, one thing that we can be sure is that she definitely does not have a boyfriend or having any affair with anyone. Questions about her secret boyfriend has been raised but Iris has declined any such claims.

Beautiful Iris Law is considered one of the most beautiful girls around her age. With her beautiful eyes that she acquired from her father to her mother’s personality, Iris has become a woman of great character. With her average height and appealing look, she is one of the more gorgeous girl around.

While girls of school are busy in their schools and doing homework’s, Iris has been making name for herself. Rather than been recognized as Judy’s and Sadie’s daughter, she might want to prove her own worth by being acknowledged herself, through her own sheer talent and capability.

Judy believes that modeling is just her stepping stone. While modeling is not to be underestimated, Iris may secure lead roles in many of the future mainstream movies and will be the icon of the industry. His mother too believes that her daughter will be a bigger personality than Judy and herself.

Iris already has social media accounts. She has around 20 thousand followers in Instagram. She often posts picture of her in various dresses related to her modeling. She has a huge fan following and it is sure to keep on increasing even further.

Much like her dating records, her salary and net worth has not yet been revealed but considering that she just started off her modeling career, we estimate it to be in hundreds of thousands of dollars.