Is model and actress Matreya Fedor dating anyone?

HitBerryPublished on   07 Apr, 2016Updated on   07 May, 2021

19 years old Canadian teen actress, Matreya Fedor has been in our hearts ever since she played the utterly sweet and thoughtful Echo Zizzleswift. Although Echo has already found her love interest in Mr. Adam Young, we highly doubt if Matreya has found hers in real life. The actress who keeps her offscreen life super private has rarely been in the news for dating anyone.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Matreya Natasha Fedor started her acting career as Emily Strutemyer in the 2006 sci-fi comedy horror film Slither. Since 2006, she has acted in several 'shorts' and television shows and appeared in a few feature films. Matreya is best known to television audiences for her roles as Phoebe Collins on The Troop (2009) and Echo Zizzleswift on Mr. Young (2011). She attended school on the set of Mr. Young alongside his fellow co-stars, Brendan Meyer, and Gig Morton. She now attends the University of Victoria.

Some of the TV shows that Matreya’s starred in guest or recurring roles include Supernatural, Eureka, Cedar Cove. Matreya has starred in a number of movies such as In Her Mother's Footsteps, Trapped Ashes, No Bikini, Chaos Theory, The Break-Up Artist, Daysleeper, Omg.  She played Brooke in the 2015 powerful drama series “Perfect High” starring Bella Thorne which depicted the lives of teenagers who succumb to drug abuse. She also starred in TV film My One Christmas Wish as Ava alongside Glee actress, Amber Riley. She also appeared in a commercial for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Standing at a height of 5’3” and a perfect weight to go with it, we may even see Matreya as a model in the near future.

 In November 2015, she posted a photo partying with Lou Reed who’s allegedly her university classmate not her boyfriend on her Instagram profile (@matreyafedor). Apart from that, Matreya’s feed is mostly filled with wanderlust pictures, hmm quite an adventurous soul and of course, pictures with her co-stars Gig Morton and Brandan Meyers. Although Gig, Brandan, and Matreya seem really close, Fedor has never been linked to anyone of them. However she has time and again been linked with her My Mother’s Future Husband’s 23 years old co-star Burkely Duffield so much that fans have made a Tumblr shrine dedicated to the pair.

Since Matreya has quite a fan following, a website called conducted a poll on her sexual orientation out of which 33% voted her as a gay, 50% straight and 17% voted her as a Bi. According to the same source, Matreya Fedor’s estimated net worth as of 2016 is  $716356513 (oooh that’s quite a number!), which is reportedly inclusive of stocks, properties and luxury goods such as yachts and private airplanes. Such fancy, much WOW!