Is Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams dating anyone after divorcing Mike Bettes? Is there Boyfriend?

Stephanie Abrams is an experienced meteorologist who is currently working at The Weather Channel. At present, she hosts America’s Morning Headquaters along with her co-hosts. Her personal life has had some ups and downs – she is a divorcee who was married to Mike Bettes, who has the same profession as Stephanie. The former couple is not known to have any children together.

Stephanie Abram’s current relationship status: Single or Boyfriend?

Abrams, who received her Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from Florida State University, after divorcing from her ex-husband Mike Bettes, has not married again. She has been spotted posting pictures with various men on her Instagram. But she posts pictures with one specific person way too much – Jim Cantore, her-cost of The Weather Channel.

Jim, who was also married to Tamra Cantore in 1990, is a divorcee too! The father of two is just all over Stephanie’s Instagram. They seem to enjoy each other’s company and have all the fun they can on the sets of The Weather Channel.

Even the fans have commented on her Instagram posts citing “Nice Couple”.

But, to clear the air, it has been known that 52-year-old Jim is dating CNN reporter Andrea Butera since 2010. Also, one of Stephanie' s close friends commented that Jim and Steph are just friends, and Steph has accepted the fact that they indeed are just friends.

Meanwhile, Stephanie's ex-husband is happily married to Allison Chinchar, meteorologist at CNN.

Well, it seems like the Florida born star is happy with her life as a single woman. She enjoys her time with her girl gang watching Ice Hockey!

Fans would definitely want to see this beautiful 37-year-old happy with a special someone!