Is Melissa Knowles married or single, who is she dating Currently?

July 17, 2017
First Published On: July 17, 2017
by HitBerry

Almost every person begins with a belief that the future can be better than the present. Melissa Knowles is among them who has successfully promoted her career from ground level to the star reporter working for CNN.

Melissa Knowles is an American reporter and host of the program "morning express" for HLN. As she is famous among many peoples, she is among most talk about personality. Is Melissa Knowles single or married? To know the whole story stay with us.

Melissa Knowles current relationship

Though many tabloids claim that Melissa Knowles is enjoying the fruit of singlehood, but following her story time and again we came to know that the famous star reporter for CNN is currently in a relationship with a handsome gentleman Scott Bernstein.

The couple is seen uploading their romantic images together every now and then. Further, we bring you closer to her personal life and want you all to know that the reporter is engaged with the love of her life who looks like a white collar businessman from his appearance.

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Yes! Friends, you don't need to react more on this issue, if you can notice the ring on her ring finger. In fact, it is an engagement ring which signifies her commitment to the love of her life Scott Bernstein.

The couple recently got engaged on 6th of July 2017, which was accompanied by her family member. Among which the picture she chose to upload was the one clicked by her own sister.

But on her YouTube channel, she uploaded a video called 'Warm it Up' on November 29, 2011. And she says something about her marriage and the name initials. Check it out. Was she divorced? Was she married? The question always remained!

Let's discuss Melissa Knowles auspicious engagement with Scott Bernstein in detail:

Knowles wore a red One piece flaunting her color bones and appeared very happy besides her lover who appeared in a light blue suit. The couple was seen kissing each other and happy to share the blissful moments with their fans in Melissa's official Instagram page.

She is working as an Anchor/Correspondent for @HLNTV, @MorningExp. At the time of engagement she also has posted a photo with her sister knowciara in Plano, Texas on her Instagram account and has written a caption:

"knowlesitall Missing my favorite munchkin #bubbles #summer17

So far she is equally seen partying with both male and female friends so asserting her sexuality is pretty difficult.


This is all about Melissa Knowles personal life. Let's wish the couple will get married soon.