Is Melaine Scrofano pregnant? Know about her affairs and relationship

HitBerryPublished on   23 Jul, 2017Updated on   10 May, 2021

Surrounded by the rumors of dates break ups and dates, there are few celebrities who keep their personal life under the radar. Rather than going public, they keep their relationship off the screen as very few get familiar with their love life. Today we are back with another Hollywood actress who likes to keep her love life away from the media.

The Variety star, Melanie Scrofano is famous for playing a role of Rebecca on the CB dramedy series Being Erica. You might be not familiar with the name Melanie, it's because she rarely makes public appearances and gossips on the internet with her personal life. So whom is she dating in recent days?

Is Melaine Scrofano pregnant?

While fans were wondering about Scrofano relationship a huge news spread like a wildfire across the internet. The news about the Scrofano pregnancy shock the internet as no one saw it coming. Despite being a recognizable face, it's surprising that this actress pregnancy news came unexpectedly unlike other celebrities like Beyonce Pregnancy in recent year.

You might be surprised to know during the entire second season of Wynonna Earp, the show runner Melanie was expecting a baby.

Melanie Scrofano, Source: Pinterest

Most of you might not know that Melanie does must of her stunt on this show and during the entire season she kept it secret. Luckily there was no harm on baby and mother and a healthy child was born not long after production wrapped on July 2017.

Well, this is a huge surprise. If you follow on her Instagram, it might be a familiar news for you. On June Melanie shared this good news via Instagram.

Melanie Scrofano, Source: Variety


As for now, the real identity of the baby father is still unknown. We hope in near future, Melanie steps out in media and speaks freely about this good news.

Melanie Scrofanoa and her dating history and affairs

Melanie is mainly known for her role in movies, Saw VI, Nurse 3D, Robo cop and much more but despite being one of the famous faces in Hollywood it's hard to believe Melanie never got linked with any co-star or mystery men.

The actress also maintains low life privacy as she rarely seen in any of the public events or any making promotions for her movies. Talking about her on screen project, Scrofano is currently busy with her TV show Wynonna Earp.

Melanie Scrofanoa at Wynonna Earp, source:  Variety

If you scroll down the Instagram pic of this lovely lady, she hardly drops any pic of her pic with any men.

There are just a few records on this Canadian actress. As for now, Pure Pwange hasn't revealed much about her. But in an interview when asked about her pregnancy she replied:

One time I wrote a [joke] card to my mom. I was 16, and I was like, “Happy Mother’s Day, by the way, I’m pregnant.” She totally believed it, and she was like, “OK. All right. We’re going to deal with this.” And that was basically Emily’s reaction. She’s like, “OK. You have hilarious timing, but we can do this. We’ve got this.”

Well, we wish to hear good news about Melanie Scrofano and her baby in near future.