Is Lousia Johnson Dating or Still Single? Disclose her Past Relationship and Affairs

October 27, 2017
First Published On: October 27, 2017

All-time favorite singing sensation, Louis Johnson came long after becoming the first youngest winner ever to win the show X-Factor. With the millions of followers on her youtube channel and with the back to back hits on charts, Louisa is one of the greatest artists of our era.

Our beloved Johson, is she seeing anyone? This questions always pops among her fans. So if you are keen to know about her love affairs, you are a right place. So without further delay let's begin:

Is Lousia Johnson Dating or Still Single?

2015, X Factor winner Lousia Johnson just confirmed her split from her ex-boyfriend. And it looks like this beauty is moving on. In June 2017, Jhonson was spotted with the pop star Charlie Puth.

In June, Louisa looked stunning with a little black dress with an extremely plunging neckline and high heels, headed to a nightclub with a lady friend. On another hand, Charlie followed the pop princess right after Capital's summer event.

Newly-single Louisa Johnson heading for the nightclub, source: Daily Mail

Though the news of Charlie and Louis dating rumors are on the internet. This news seems to be false as Puth is recently linked with another pop sensation Selena Gomez.

Charlie Puth right after Capital FM's Summertime Ball with Vodafone, source: Daily Mail

However, they haven't come as a couple to the public so we can draw any conclusion right down. After the quick glimpse at the Louis's Instagram, we have to say she is in her solitary life.

Louisa Jhonson's Past Relationships and Affairs

Before all the fame, Louisa Johnson was in a serious relationship with Ellis Steven. But they reportedly split from the singer when Louis began her X-Factor Journey.

Louisa Johnson and her ex-boyfriend  Ellis Steven, source: Daily Mirror

In an interview, Stevens forwarded his sincere comments when asked about the split.

We split up because she wants to follow her dream. It was only recent, like the last couple of months. I didn't want to get in the way of her career and what she wants to do.

But soon after they broke up, Stevens was said to be gutted over her relationship rumors with recruitment worker Daniel Elliot.

In an  interview, Lousia revealed that she is in a relationship with Elliot explaining:

I haven't got my eye on anyone at the moment because I already have a boyfriend. I'm not into all that anyway.

Louisa Johnson with her ex-boyfriend Daniel Elliott, source: The Sun

Right after, Louisa won the eleventh series of X-Factor with the dominating viewers' votes, Danielle was spotted kissing and congratulating over her victory.

On the social media, this pair was pictured enjoying a night out a Sugar Hut in Essex.

Louisa Johnson with her ex-boyfriend Daniel Elliott, source: The Sun

But the 19 years pop sensation confirmed her break up in June 2017 with an awkward conversation. When Louisa was asked about living with Danielle, she quickly shut down the conversation saying:

We're no longer together.

It was kind of shocking statement from her as back in February, Louisa addressed her ex-boyfriend as 'The One' in her life. The starlet gave no further explanation about why their relationship went off track?

Louisa Johnson with her ex-boyfriend Daniel Elliott, source:  Daily Mail

Still, after months of a split, the singer shows no sign of heartbreak. Talking about forgetting ex, Johnson deleted all the traces of Elliot on her social media account. Where on the other hand, her ex-boyfriend has a new Instagram making it private.

Well never regret yesterday. Life is in today and you make your tomorrow.