Is Little Boots married? Does she have a boyfriend?A look into the singer's elusive dating life..

August 3, 2015
First Published On: August 3, 2015
by HitBerry

It was six years ago when we saw Victoria Christina Hesketh aka Little Boots with her boyfriend Jamie. She was very much in love with him as he accompanied her in her every musical tours and shows. The 5.2 ft. shorty was seen with her very tall beau at the backstage during the Glastonbury Festival in 2009.

The British electro-pop singer, songwriter even mentioned about her partner Jamie in an exclusive interview with Mirror the same year.

“I’m obsessed with music, so I need to date someone who is equally obsessed. That is why I think it works so well with my boyfriend Jamie, who is a music journalist. He is great, passionate about music and amazingly supportive of me.”

While talking to Mirror, she was thankful for her choice in men as the pop diva praised her partner for being a music fanatic. She also shared some information about her love for gardening and said how her friends told her that she could be a celebrity gardener as she grows her own vegetables.

She also added: “Jamie was joking with me that I could have my own gardening column and call it Little Roots! And I would wear silver wellies and a sequined jumpsuit. It would only be vegetables though. I don’t like flowers.”

So what happened to their love story? The relationship that existed half decade ago seemed to have vanished in thin air as Little Boots moved forward in the field of music. The young and talented singer who was head over heels in love with Jamie has taken a leap in her life as there is hardly any information about these two. They dated and vacationed together but the once inseparable couple now seems to have spilt and their relation is no more.

Victoria who goes with her stage name Little Boots got her nickname from her friends, a reference to her unusually small feet. In fact if you check out her Instagram then you’ll see a tagline that says: “My arms are too short to do selfies.” LOL…

Former Dead Disco band member is pretty busy nowadays with the release of her third studio album ‘Working Girl’ which includes 14 songs altogether. The album hit markets last month and garnered rave reviews from critics.

The first single from Working Girl titled ‘Better in the Morning’ which she uploaded on her own YouTube channel was enjoyed and loved my many. The song is a bubbly and hypnotic pop gem that sounds like Tom Tom Club’s ’80s hit “Genius of Love” remade for 2015.

The remedy hit maker who has a voice range of soprano is currently busy promoting her latest album on Twitter and she also took on eight-date tour in July this year to promote it.

The talented singer who has previously released two albums Hands and Nocturnes is so busy making good music that she has not hooked up with anyone lately. Little Boots has neither the intention of dating or of getting married. There is no shortage of eligible men but they might have to wait a few more years if they want to be her husband.