Is Lira Mercer Married or Single? Know about her Relationship and Affairs

Unlike the past, today's generation is occupied in using the social sites which is a good thing. However,  sometimes it also becomes frightening due to its misuse. But we are so adapted to it that we don't mostly come across its negative aspects and continue using it. Lira Mercer who gained her popularity via Instagram certainly shows us how to use it.

Born to African-American parents, Lira Mercer is an American model. After gaining her reputation using Instagram, her alluring photos began to appear on the front page of Hip Hop Weekly magazine. Lira on her Instagram goes by Lira Galore. Inspired by Karrueche, she also attended classes for her acting career.

Lira Mercer Married or Single?

Lira Mercer is a beautiful lady with a strong fan base from Instagram. Her progress in modeling career is on a hike and often gathers around with other international personalities. You might be wanting to know, who Lira has been making romance with? To find more about her love life, continue reading this article with us.

Lira Mercer, source: ioneglobalgrind

It is a very interesting story. Her recent stories went viral with singer/rapper Rick Ross. Mercer once was about to tie the knot with the artist. Rick first proposed her with a ring of worth  3.5 million while they were jewelry shopping in New York. It seems, proposing with that sort of gift certainly gets you a girl, isn't that right folks?

Rick Ross and Lira Galore, source: i3.mirror

While the couple got engaged in September. After one month period, the couple couldn't get it done nicely. It is a good thing to have mutual opinions matter but when you don't respect feelings, awful things happen.

Rick Ross and Lira Galore making their first appearance after being engaged, source: i.dailymail

In another article, Lira announced the real reason behind their breakup. It appears Rick couldn't bear a photo of her hugging Meek Mill. Back then, she worked as an exotic dancer to earn her living. A proverb might be helpful for people busy making love, " Jealousy is a disease, Get Well Soon.".

And for all reasons, you read above, Lira Mercer is possibly Single.

Lira Mercer Past Affairs

In the long life, we run across with two or more people whom we love despite their good and bad characteristics. It is same for Galore as well. Lira has dated a numerous of the artist.

To begin, Mercer first dated professional basketball Earl Thomas from 2012 to 2013. After breaking up with earl Lira then moved on to famous hip-hop artist Meek Mill.

It wasn't either " my ride or die in life" or so what people call to describe their affection for each other. Other than Earl, Lira next grabbed to  NBA's Housten Rockets star Pat Beverly. Their love and understanding stood for more than a year.

She has then stayed in relation with  American rapper Piles from 2014 to 2015. Adding another rapper and basketball player to the list, she dated Quavo and Will Barton respectively.