Is Leland Chapman still with wife Lynette? Find out his married life and divorce

Famous show host for Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Leland Blane Chapman's previous married life with Maui Chapman fell apart on 21 April 2005. The famous bounty hunter is now dating Lynette Yi.

We all know the back story of this pro fighter turned bounty hunter but this column is all about his married life and divorce with his previous wife Maui Chapman.

The father of three who had a rough childhood has taken the custody of his three children and is now in a dating relationship with Lynette Yi. So, let's sneak into the personal life of our own famous bounty hunter's and find out all about his previous wedding, children, and his recent sizzling hot girlfriend.

Previous Divorce and with Maui Chapman and recent affair

The couple was together up to 2005 and an insider reports that the relationship in recent days between long time lovers and high school sweethearts Leland and Maui is not so good after the separation. The father of three children with Maui Chapman; Leland has the custody of his children now and his children's names are Cobie Chapman, Leiah, and Dakota Chapman.

Leland took the responsibility of his children because of his own derailed childhood. Leland  was separated with his father for a long time in his childhood and was unknown to his biological father until he was about seven years old.

So, the love he was deprived of in his childhood has now returned to his three children in three folds.

Is Leland Chapman married to Lynette?

The answer to this question is No! Leland Chapman and Lynette Yi are in a dating relationship for quite a long time now. The rumor about their marriage keeps on warming up the web but until it turns into reality nothing can be said about those tabloid rumors.

Leland and Lynette met each other an event show at a social function. The couple started dating each other quickly but Leland was unsure about the relationship at first. The couple is not vocal about having a child together but they are pretty open about being  girlfriend and boyfriend.

The Instagram posts and social appearances together show these two love birds to be pretty close but nothing has been admitted by them other than being in a relationship so far. Some tabloid site even claims that Leland and Lynette have a baby girl together, which in fact is not true.

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