Is Lauryn Hill Married or Dating? Know about her Past Affairs, Relationships, and Children

RossPublished on   21 Mar, 2018Updated on   21 Mar, 2018

Lauryn Hill, the 42-year-old American singer, has been able to gain a huge success in her professional life but how well is her personal life? Is Lauryn Hill married? How is her married life going? Does the couple have any child together?


In this section, today we will be explaining in detail about the renowned singer, Lauryn Hill’s love life, about her boyfriend, and about her husband if she is married. Get to know everything about Lauryn Hill's married life, children, and more.

Is Lauryn Hill Married? Is she single or Dating?

Well starting off with Lauryn Hill’s married life, Lauryn hasn’t been married yet. But she surely has had several affairs with a different person and has already given birth to six children. Lauryn firstly dated an American music producer, Kendu Issacs who is famous in The Ellen Show. They dated back in the year 1994.

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Although they were very much compatible with one another, their relationship didn’t last long, neither they gave birth to any welcomed any child together.

CAPTION: Lauryn Hill with her ex-boyfriend Wyclef Jean SOURCE: whosdatedwho

As she moved on with her ex-boyfriend, she soon found her new love in 1996. The guy was reggae legend Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley. The couple was together for more than 13 years but didn’t get married.

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The duo together has given birth to 5 children.

CAPTION: Lauryn Hill with her ex-boyfriend Rohan Marley SOURCE: whosdatedwho

Shortly after she broke up with Rohan Marley in the year 2010, she then found another love, Wyclef Jean who is a Haitian Musician. He is famous for ‘The Fugees.’ Shortly after they had started dating, Lauryn became pregnant.

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People made assumptions that the baby’s father was Rohan Marley and that he abandoned her when she was pregnant. Later, Lauryn confirmed that it was not so and Rohan wasn’t the father of her sixth child. Details below:

Lauryn Hill’s Relationship with children

Lauryn and Rohan Marley together gave birth to five children. Their first son, Zion David was born on 3rd August 1997. Later, after a year in 12th November 1988 a baby daughter was born, Selah Louise. Their third baby, Joshua Omaru was born in the year 2002, and after a year John Nesta was born. Their fifth daughter, Sarah was in January 2008.

CAPTION: Lauryn Hill with her ex-boyfriend Rohan Marley and their children SOURCE: Pinterest

All of Lauryn Hill’s children are now grown-ups. She inspires all her children to be like her, so all of them at least make some effort on 'singing.' Back in the year 2012, Lauryn brought all her five children on stage to perform with her when one of her sons broke down in tears after forgetting lines.

CAPTION: Lauryn Hill with her five children on stage SOURCE: Daily Mail

Back in the year June 2016, Lauryn’s eldest daughter Selah Louise graduated, and her father joined her for her big day. All the other kids have also grown up where the eldest son has reached 20 years of age, and the youngest daughter is already 10 years of age.

CAPTION: Lauryn Hill's ex-boyfriend Rohan Marley with their elder daughter SOURCE: Instagram

Well, this is not it. As mentioned earlier, soon after she broke up with Rohan Marley, she was found pregnant with a child, but everyone was in confusion about who the father of the child was, as at the time she had already started dating Wyclef.

CAPTION: Lauryn Hill with her ex-boyfriend Rohan Marley SOURCE: Pinterest

As mentioned earlier, in the early days of her sixth son’s birth, she revealed that Rohan wasn’t the father of her new child. People started suspecting that Wyclef himself is the dad. However, later it was revealed that Rohan was the father of her sixth child as well and that both Rohan and Lauryn tried to hide the fact from the world and from her then-boyfriend, which led to Lauryn and Wyclef's breakup.

Well talking about her present relationship status, she is happily single with all of her six children.