Is Laurence Leboeuf dating anyone? Is she married?

April 7, 2016
First published on:April 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Beautiful French Canadian actress Laurence Leboeuf who is single at the moment is yet to find her Mr. Right. That is why she remains unmarried and it has been suggested that she might be taking a hiatus from relationships as she is currently much occupied with work.

It has been suggested that Laurence believes she has not yet found a person who is husband material for her. However, she has been known to have a very healthy and active dating life. Her first relationship was with her co-star Max Walker with whom she was involved with for a while.

She and Max was a very young couple when they together and nothing concrete or substantial could come off the relationship. However, they were known to be a very cute and adorable couple. Her other widely followed relationship was with actor Eric Bruneau.

This was her most followed relationship. She began dating Eric in 09’ all the way through 13. The couple split that year on a mutual consent and also expressed the split was inevitable due to irreconcilable differences between the tow. It has been rumored that they were having a very unsatisfactory relationship probably involving affairs and the only way out was separation for them both.

At the moment, she is concentrating her entire focus and time in the multiple projects she is drawn in with. That may just be the reason as to why Laurence is single at the moment. However, there has also been a spectacle rumor supporting her.

Where it is stated that she might be a lesbian and has not yet come out of the closet that is why she has been keeping her relationship extremely, private and an in-house affair.

On the contrary, her career has been very flamboyant and followed widely. Laurence as an actress has found success both in movies and tv shows alike in equal measures., a phenomenon which is not very common in the industry.

Some of her most popular movies have been “Turbo Kid”, “ La Petite Reine” , “The Trouble with Cali”, “ Les Pieds Dans le vide” and “My Daughter, My Angel”. In the field of Tv shows, they are “Durham County”, “15/ Love”, “Windfall and Misfortune”, “Being Erica”, “Trauma” and“19-2”.

Laurence’s net worth remains to be undisclosed. However, it is understood that most of her earnings have come through her successful career in the area of TV shows and movies. She at the moment is believed to be working on the TV shows she is involved with and rumor has it that she may also be working on a movie which may be coming out at the end of the year.

Laurence is not related to actor Shia LaBeouf although she is often mistaken for it. 

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