Is Lauren German a lesbian? Her homosexual rumors spread all over the internet

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Social media can be a platform for most of the celebrities to rise in fame. Some of them hit the news with their personal life while others with their profession. But there is no proof that every rumor is a fact sometimes it can be a complete nonsense. As celebrities have to go on media to clarify about it.

Several celebrities have been victims of such rumors which includes American actress Lauren German. One of the finest actress Lauren Christine German aka  Lauren German was rumored to be lesbian in past months. So is this just a rumor or a fact. Let's know about it.

Lauren German opens up about being a lesbian

When the rumors of German being lesbian hit the internet, it became a matter of subject to talk upon. A walk to remember star, Lauren did numerous roles in her past and she is well praised for her acting skills. But the role she played of Leslie Shay in Chicago Fire was completely different as it is a character of homosexual.

The role of playing homosexual character can be more stressful, but Lauren's experience from many years in acting career made it look so easy. Lauren appeared in the series 'Chicago Fire' from 2012- 2015'.

She is hot afLauren German is one hot American actress

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If you watch Chicago Fires, you will be familiar with the character Leslie Shay who is openly gay and often crack self-depreciating jokes about it. Well, many of her fans got it wrong about the sexuality of Lauren as her homosexual life is just on the reel.

Lauren German at Chicago Fires, source: i.ytimg

So, this was the just the part of the character of her on the screen but many people related it off the screen which created a bit of rumor on the internet. In an interview, Lauren opens on playing lesbian Shay and said that she wanted to play two kinds of role, one hooker and other someone in the medical field.

As her father is a vascular surgeon, she admires medical profession and wants to play this role on the screen. However, the Shay character was killed in the season 3 premiere, continuing from the season 2 finale cliffhanger.

Lauren German dates in 2017 and her past relationship

Lauren German is one of those celebrities who like her personal life away from the media. The 38 years old actress maintains a low profile life as she barely makes public appearances apart from her movie and TV promotions. Looking at the dating history of Lauren she was in a relationship with an American actor, Ashton Holmes.

Lauren German at Chicago Fires, source: static

Lauren dated Ashton in 2009 but her relationship with Holmes didn't last for long as they broke up in 2010. The reason behind their break up is still in the shade. It has been seven years of break up, so is she dating in recent days?

In recent days, Lauren hasn't made much of news with his personal life. Her name is never linked with any of her co-stars. If we scroll down the Instagram of this beauty then there are not much of pictures of her with another man.

However, there are few pictures, but those are from her work and most of them are German's friend. Nowadays Lauren is having a hectic schedule with her on going TV show Lucifer and this might be a reason for her not getting into any kind of relationship.

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Lauren German and Ashton James, source: img1.bdbphotos

As for now, Lauren is probably single. She might be dating but she hasn't made it official yet. We hope in coming days, German speaks freely about her love life.

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