Is Larry Clark married? What does he look for in a wife?

March 23, 2016
First published on:March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Is Larry Clark married? What does he look for in a wife? Want to know more? Then keep reading below.

There is no legitimate proof of Larry getting married. No official data and not even a single photograph. So he might not be married yet. When the marriage is behind the curtain, it would be foolish to ask about divorce and children isn’t it?

However, in recent casual talk with the reporters of Filmcomment, he leaves some traces about what does he look in a wife.

Well he said that a wife should be the one who could cook like a mom and rock the night like a girlfriend. When he said that he was laughing and we could understand that he seriously want that trait in a wife. He has simple and general anticipations when it comes to traits in a wife.

“Well she should be passionate and understanding”, he said. He also added up that he would be all wired up if she starts interrogating like a cop. He might have wanted to tell that man have their own business with that statement.

In the same interview he also shared his experience of being a photographer. He said, “I always felt that when I was photographing, I had a psychic need to see this, to photograph this. And I think if somebody else had been doing this work, and if I could have seen these pictures anywhere at all, then there would have been no need to make them”.

Also he shared about his movie making skills and tastes. “The work all comes from a psychological need. See the images that I make... It's really a psychological need. I'm just jerked around by it. I'm pulled by it”, he said. Btw he meant movies that he make when he said images he make.

It seems like when directs any movie, he gets consumes by the characters and he gets lost in itself. This defines his talent of improvising and his professionalism at what he does.

Larry Clark is a popular American film director, photographer, writer and film producer. Most of his movies highlights the young minds who have been lost in bad deeds. Especially, his movies features the youth who involves themselves in illegal drugs, underage sex and violence.

In a sense he portrays the real scenario of youth of America who are part of a specific subculture such as surfing, punk rock or skateboarding. He has been active in the industry since 1962. He is popular for being versatile and make a blend of various genres of movies.

The net worth of the photographer has not been disclosed publicly but it is reported to be around $20 million.

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