Is Lahna Turner Married? Does she have any Children?

What comes to your mind when you first hear the name, Lahna Turner? Well if it is for me, I smile every single time I hear about Lahna as she is one of the most entertaining American comic actresses. Today, we are here to talk about Lahna’s life partner, whether she is married or not, and if she has any children.

She has not only entertained the whole world but also been an inspiration to many. She is best known for her amazing performance in an award-winning comedy movie named, “Teacher of the Year”. She even shared her personal experiences of her life as a mother as well as a wife because of which people find her very relatable. Does that mean she is married and already gave birth to Children?

Lahna Turner's Married Life and Children

Lahna Turner has only been in one official relationship till date that is another famous comedian Ralphie May. They married in the year 2005 but sadly they are not still together. They recently faced divorce and to know more about it, keep on scrolling. Well according to Lahna Turner, they had to face divorce as his estranged husband was struggling with drug abuse.

A picture of Lahna Turner and her ex-husband taken in between their marriage and divorce. A picture of Lahna Turner and her ex-husband taken in between their marriage and divorce, Source: answer

The couple had two children together, one nine-year-old daughter 'April June' and the other seven-year-old son 'August James'. Lahna Turner had once revealed that she is finding it difficult to manage time for her kids.

This might be the reason why she has not dated anyone since she broke up with May. She must be really busy in her life, as she doesn’t even have enough time for her children, she certainly has no time for someone new in her life.

Lahna Turner's Ex-Husband

It is very sad to say that Lahna’s ex-husband dies of cardiac arrest after two years of their divorce, in 2017. He even discussed his hectic schedule and suffering from bronchitis in an interview, weeks before dying. He told the interviewees that;

Man, I'm sick. I've got bronchitis and you add that to the altitude and it's bad. If I tried to come in there I would get there tomorrow.

He was found dead in Las Vegas, hours after performing on stage.

A picture of Lahna's ex-husband performing on stage A picture of Lahna's ex-husband performing on stage, Source: DAily Mail

May’s death brought his struggles to the light, including his relationship with his ex-wife Lahna Turner. Soon after their break up, their fans were showing numerous questions to them asking about why they broke up etc. As Lahna is currently single, let’s hope that the comedian now finds someone worthy of her love when the time comes.