Is Kristen Holden-Reid married? Who is his wife? Know his affairs and relationships

HitBerryPublished on   11 Jun, 2017Updated on   11 Jun, 2017

Keeping the personal life secretive and not letting anyone know about their spouses is the new trend in the Hollywood. The celebrities love to maintain a low-key profile about their relationship and their stuff. But "Is Kristen Holden-Reid married"?

In the list of too secretive celebrities, we do have Kristen Holden- Reid as one of the best example. He is a Canadian actor who landed the leading role in the 12th-century drama, Young Ivanhoe. Also, he provided the voice for the character Crawford Starrick.

Is Kristen Holden-Reid married?

We all know Kristen Holden-Reid is too secretive regarding his personal life, and he is the one who seems to have no intention of sharing his stuff to his millions of fans and media.

If you ever visited Reid's official Instagram account, then you might have come across through his many photos with his child. He often posts the picture of his son and shares the quality time they treasured together.

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

After he had uploaded those photos in his Instagram, it dragged the people out of their mind to know about the mother of the child. People wonder if Reid is married and already shares a child together. But you know, Reid will not speak out regarding this topic. Moreover, it's not clear if he is married or not.

Is Kristen Holden-Reid gay?

Once in a while, there were numerous of his gay rumors broadcasted in the media. People started claiming him as a gay after all he was never rumored to date anyone in the past. Moreover, he is never linked with any celebrity throughout his entire career. He might have dated someone but did not reveal it to the media.

People just don't get confused! Just because he did a kiss scene or gay roles in the movies like TOUCH OF PINK does not mean he is a gay. It's just a movie role. While asked about the gay rumors, he replied:

"I had pretty much been playing a version of myself: angry Kris, scared Kris, tentative Kris. With Giles, I had to be British, and I had to be gay, and that meant creating a character, someone I was not. I am not British, and I am not gay, and that made me very nervous about that film."

Kristen Holden- Reid Kristen Holden- Reid   Source: instagram

It's confirmed that Kristen Holden- Reid is not a gay. Instead, he hides his stuff and living a happy life with his son. It's hard to say if he is married or not. The mother of the child is still a mystery.