is Kristen Hancher single? Or Dating a Boyfriend? Know about her Relationship status

The Canadian actor, Kristen Hancher, who came to fame after she came to the Social Media platforms, has won the hearts of many but has anyone made way to her heart as to is she in any kind of relationship?


Today, we are going to talk about the romantic life of the YouTube Star, Kristen Hancher. Let's get right into the talks of this beautiful web star's love life. 

Is Kristen Hancher in any kind of relationships?

The star, Kristen Hancher has been in a relationship with another social media star Andrew Gregory famous for his videos on the famed media site called Twitch. 

CAPTION: Kristen Hancher's Instagram Post
SOURCE: Instagram

Since Kristen and Andrew are in the social media, you might think that they probably met on the same platforms but, the couple first met at a party as per a Q & A section posted by Andrew. The couple has been dating since 2016. The dates might go well before 2016, but as Kristen became famous only in that year, there are no records of her past romantic encounters. 

YouTube: Kristen Hancher's dating affairs

Currently, the couple is enjoying their romantic relationship as they are living together in Los Angeles. As both of the actors are famous in their social media pages, they have posted a lot of pictures on their Instagram profiles. Let's take a look at some of their cute pictures. 

CAPTION: Kristen Hancher and her boyfriend Andrew Gregory
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Kristen Hancher and her boyfriend Andrew Gregory
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Kristen Hancher and her boyfriend Andrew Gregory
SOURCE: Instagram

Cute aren't they? Looking at their picture, no one can guess that they went through any tragic incidents in past, but the couple's privet video was accidentally leaked. Let's know the incident in detail.

Kristen Hancer and boyfriend's Sex was streamed live Mistakenly

If you are here for a controversy, then here's one, Kristen Hancher, and Andrew Gregory mistakenly live streamed their sex in the in 2017. It was Kristen's Instagram profile from where the couple's sex was streamed. 

YouTube: Kristen Hancher's Live Sex News

The Couple's sex was not in the see-able part as the mobile had been faced down, however, the couple's sex screams were still streaming live to Kristen's 3.9 million followers. The actress immediately deleted the post from her social media profile as she realized her mistake. 

CAPTION: Kristen Hancher and her boyfriend Andrew Gregory kissing
SOURCE: Superfame

Well, even if the couple had their sex leaked on their Instagram, they are still not banned from the Instagram account as such deeds are against the rules of the app. This might be because of the non-graphical content, but, who knows?

All in all, Kristen Hancher is having a time of her life with boyfriend, Andrew Gregory.