Is KJ Apa single or married? Find out! Also get to know him more

Celebrities love life often makes spots on news. Whenever rumors of dates and breaks up are on media, we all get eager to know about it.But you will get astonished when you will hear there are some celebrities whose love life never caught an eye of media.

KJ Apa is one of the few celebrities who rarely makes the spotlight on the news. If you are searching for KJ Apa love life, you are at right place.

KJ Love life, Is he single?

Keneti James Fitzgerald aka KJ Apa likes to keep love life under the shade of the media as he barely reveals any information about his personal life. In 2017, however, KJ was rumored to be linked with some of his co-stars.

KJ Apa was born on 16  June 1997, is a Newzealand actor. He is best known for his role in Riverdale's  as redhead Archie Andrews.Apart from the TV show,  Apa is well recognized for his role in a movie "A Dog's Purpose" in 2017 which became a massive hit.

KJ Apa, Source: media cache

Lili Reinhart, one of the stars of Riverdale hit the news when she got linked with the KJ. Fans got excited as they get eager to know facts on this on-screen couple.

You might know, an American actress Lili and KJ were in 2 on-screen matchups, notably Riverdale(1997) and Riverdale(2017). Their love life on the screen helped to fuel the rumor of them dating across the internet.

KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart at the Riverdale(2017), Source: who's dated who

However, they might be dating but none of them have made it official in public. So probably this rumor is just a rumor.

If we scroll down the Instagram pic of KJ Apa, he rarely drops any hints of dating with any women as his Instagram is filled with him with his co-stars, friends, and family.

KJ Apa with his co-star

If we think, from another way then we can probably guess that KJ might be taking time before jumping into the relation. A Dog's Purpose star is one of the young actors in Hollywood, who got a bright future.

As for now, KJ is probably single and we hope we can see him on the big screen in coming future as KJ is a loved by everyone in Riverdale.

Things  you should know about KJ Apa

If you love Riverdale character, Archie and have a love for KJ Apa you should definitely know these things if you are a true fan. Well, you might know some facts about this handsome who rarely hit the news, so we have to dig up some facts on Riverdale star, KJ Apa. So here are some interesting facts about KJ.

1. He Loves Music

Just like Archie's character, KJ loves music. Apa has a passion for music. At the age of 14, he recorded a solo guitar album.

2. Archie Character took 4 months

Of course, we all love redhead Archie in Riverdale's, but do you know  KJ finally bagged Archie role after 4 months of the worldwide talent search.

3. He got a tattoo on his right shoulder in the honor of his family

KJ got a tattoo at the age of 17 when he his grandfather died. He loves his grandfather so much that KJ got a tattoo of him on his right shoulder.

“My dad’s father was a high chief… and the family agreed my dad would take over his chief title: Tupa’i,” he told The New Zealand Herald in 2014. “Later, we decided to get a tattoo to commemorate that.”

4. A scar on his head

KJ got a scar on his head, between the eyes. When one of his fans asked about the scar on his head on Twitter, he didn't reveal much.

KJ Apa recently stepped into his 20 and we wish for his success and more happy life in coming days and we also hope that in near future, Apa speaks freely about his love life.