Is Kirstie Allsopp married? Does she have any children?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

 British television presenter Kirstie Allsopp, is not married yet but she does have two children. Her partner is Ben Andersen. Identifying herself as a passionate feminist, she prefers having children before finding the Mr. Right. Ben and Allsopp have two children but they are not legally married and Allsopp has no offences on having children before getting married. Allsopp is not legally married, so she has a boyfriend rather than a husband. Being unmarried, she does not have any divorce cases.

In the pictures of Allsopp, there is seen a ring in her ring finger and she might be putting that ring in the name of her partner Andersen. The pair might get married legally soon in order to put a bedding over their relation which has not still gone through legal process. The couple also shares the custody of two sons from her previous relationship.

Earlier, Allsopp has faced an adverse reaction from her fans after she said young woman should concentrate on having children before going to university. Even she said that she would have 6 children if she had her own. She had even tried to have baby of her own and found two men who were ready to be the father of the child but because of strong breast cancer in her family gene she was aware about having babies. Allsopp seems a strong independent woman who is living up on her own values and aspects.

Allospp is best known for her onscreen partnership with Phill Spencer, co-presenting Channel 4 property shows including Location, Location, Location; Relocation, Relocation Location Revisited. Even Allospp and Spencer were heard of romancing with each other but both of them deny the statement. They are on screen husband and wife, but never have such relation with each other. Once Allospp and Spencer were found in a same hotel room, which had created a controversy as Spencer is a married man. Spencer clarified it by saying that he had gone to help her as she was locked inside the room.

44 years old Allospp had done teaching English as her first job in India. Later she returned back to UK and helped in her mother’s business. And later set up her own home search company, Kirmir, in 1996 focusing on top end purchases in Central and West London. Allsopp landed on the television field in 2000 when she started co-presenting in Location, Location, Location on Channel 4. Her television shows include The Property Chain, Kristie’s Homemade Christmas, Kristie’s Homemade Britain, etc.

In 2009, Allospp’s family along with another family bought and restored a house in rural Devon which has been empty for 39 years which was for her show Kristie’s Homemade Home. Allospp’s net worth is still unknown.