Is Kirk Herbstreit divorced? Get to know his married life and relationship

August 3, 2017
First Published On: August 3, 2017
by HitBerry

Life is full of trouble. Marriage can be a troubling thing when partners aren't loyal to each other. In many of celebrities' life, marriage doesn't get along much and they end up with a serious breakdown. However, despite being married for several years, some celebrities somehow manage to make their married life last longer.

A similar case can be seen with Kirk Herbstreit's married life who has a successful career and as well as strong bonding between family members. Kirk is now married for decades, so how is his family life going on?

Who is Kirk Herbstreit? know more about him

If you watch ESPN sports channel you might know the name Kirk Herbstreit who is an American analyst for ESPN's College Gameday. Apart from this Kirk is well known as a commentator in EA Sports NCCA football, a television program covered on ABC and ESPN. The talented Kirk has other interesting facts about which will amuse you for sure.

The 47-year-old Kirk graduated from Centerville High School in  Centerville, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. You will be surprised to know he was a standout baseball player in his senior year. To take his career into football, Kirk's father was his big inspiration. As his father had been a co-captain of the Ohio State team and coach was ideal of his life.

Kirk Herbstreit, source: ABC News -

Herbstreit became co-captain in 1992 just as his father and graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Business Administration.  Apart from his sports career, Kirk also has a broadcasting career.

kirk Herbstreit, source:Omaha World-Herald

After getting a degree, he turned his career in sports broadcasting. On ESPN's College, Game  Day Kirk discussed the college football games and analyzes the player. This show broadcasts all the college football game all over the US and also previewing upcoming football games.

ABC/ESPN's top college football crew -- Chris Fowler, right, and Kirk Herbstreit at left, source:

He has worked for ABC sports as he partners with either Terry Ganon and at present, he analyzes the football games on Saturday Night. The former baseball player is also a regular contributor to ESPN The Magazine.As for his contribution in the sports news, Kirk was nominated in 1997 for a Sports Emmy Award in the category of TV’s top studio analyst

Kirk Herbstreit living happily after years of marriage

We all know how, Kirk with his personal life. Herbstreit never lets his personal life out in the media. He likes to keep his family members away from the limelight of media.

Kirk Herbstreit is married to Alison Bulter and this couple is blessed with four sons, two of them are twins, Jake and Tye. Herbstreit met Alison at Ohio, where she was a cheerleader, soon their friendship blossom into romance and tied the knot in 1998.

Kirk Herbstreit with his wife Alison Bulter and his children Tye Herbstreit, Chase Herbstreit, Zak Herbstreit and Jake Herbstreit. , source:

It has been a decade of their marriage and there not a single rumor about their divorce or fights. Their relationship is going strong as always.