Is Katie Holmes Still Single after Divorce from Tom Cruise? Know about her Current Affairs and Relationship

You all must have heard about the sizzling couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. But sadly, the actress is no more with Tom Cruise. Well, the actress has dated about half a dozen of guys. But you must all be already wondering who is she dating now? Or is she single currently? You will know all about the actress’s dating history, relationship with Tom Cruise as well as her current relationship by the end of this article.

If you have not come across the actress, Kate Noelle Holmes is famous for her role on The TB television teen drama “Dawson’s Creek” (1998-2003). She even won MTV Movie Award for her best breakthrough performance for appearing in a 1998’s thriller, “Disturbing Behavior”. Enough about her professional life, let’s move ahead to the main topic, that is, her personal life.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The strange marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was one of the most remarkable relationships in the Hollywood history. The rules imposed by Tom Cruise on Katie Holmes on their marriage was extremely weird. After eight months of dating somewhere around 2005, they got married and were together for about 7 years. They even have a daughter Suri Cruise together who is currently 11 years old.

As the couple’s Italian wedding was not perfect in the first place, it is no shocking news that the couple divorced. The weird things that happened in their marriage was that Katie was found crying in the bathroom before the marriage and she made Tom wait a really long time in the altar.

However, the reason behind their divorce was because Katie feared to lose Suri to Scientology after church members moved into their home.

Katie relationship affairs

Well as I mentioned earlier, ‘Tom Cruise’ is not the only one whom Katie dated. She has dated other 5 guys in her life except for the famous actor, Tom. Her first boyfriend was Joshua Jackson whom she dated for about a year in 1998.

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After a year that she broke up with Joshua, she started dating Chris Klein and again broke up after five years. After she broke up with her second boyfriend, then she met Tom Cruise and got married.

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Katie Holmes posing with her first boyfriendKatie Holmes posing with her first boyfriend, Source: Hollywood life

After she ended her marriage with Tom Cruise, she then dated three guys to date. ‘Peter Cincotti’, ‘Alexander Skarsgard’ and ‘Jamie Foxx’.

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But it's not that she dated all at the same time, she dated them one by one. among them, the most interesting story was her relationship with Jamie Foxx. She even kept this relationship hidden for a couple of years.

There is no any news suggesting that they are married or engaged but both of them were seen with a ring on their ring finger so let’s assume that they’ve been engaged.

Katie Holmes with her current boyfriend. Both have ring on their fingers.Katie Holmes with her current boyfriend. Both have a ring on their fingers, Source: Glamour

After hiding their relationship for a long time, they recently got public and are still are said to be dating. Let’s hope that they marry soon and this marriage doesn’t end up like Katie’s first marriage.

Quick facts you need to know about Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was born on December 18, in Toledo, Ohio, United States.
Katie Holmes a premature born baby weighing four pounds only.
Katie Holmes attended modeling classes run by Margaret O’Brien at the age of 14.
Katie Holmes played the role of Libbets Casey in “The Ice Storm" in 1997.
Katie Holme hosted her first Saturday Night Live show in 2011.
Katie Holmes is only the actor who has starred in all 128 episodes of Dawson’s Creek.
Katie Holmes had a teenage crush on Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes has also appeared in more than 100 magazine cover.
Katie Holmes is a kind of vegetarian.
Katie Holmes was not active in her career in between 2006 and 2007