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Is Kate Todd dating anyone? Is she married?

April 10, 2016
First published on:April 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Kate Todd, the multi-talented Canadian actress, and songstress has been single for quite a long time since her 2009 breakup with American actor Seth Macfarlane. When her new album “Anywhere With You” hit the charts in 2015, everybody assumed Todd might be having a new affair given the genre of her new album but alas the actress has not been spotted with anyone.

It’s about having such a deep connection to someone; having such faith in them that you would follow them anywhere; the same goes for your passions and desires to follow dreams. It requires this kind of faith,” said the multi-talented, Toronto-based country music sensation about her latest album

Born in Ontario, Canada in December of 1987, Kate Todd is best known for her portrayal of Lily Randall in Radio Free Roscoe and Sally in Life with Derek. Todd started her acting career at the age of fourteen playing the lead role of Lilly Randall in the popular TV series Radio Free Roscoe. Todd has performed in many feature movies The Tracey Fragments and as Lauren Findley in the movie Grizzly Rage. She has also starred on the TV shows Naturally Sadie, and Life with Derek, in which she has a recurring role as Sally. Todd has since then appeared in a Lifetime Movie of the Week, More Sex and the Single Mom, and the CBC movie Booky Makes Her Mark. Currently, she has the main role of Erica, a teenage vampire, in the series My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Todd who had always been a lover of music mentioned on her website that she learned to play on the sets of Radio Free Roscoe,

My character on Radio Free Roscoe was, ironically, a singer/songwriter and radio DJ, who played guitar. When I was in my trailer I was always playing. I never had lessons, but people on the set like the grips, electricians,and other crew members would walk by and show me stuff. And that’s how I learned how to play. But as much as I loved acting, music always came first and now it’s become my primary focus.

From the start of her recording career, Kate has been rewarded for her work and talent. She has been nominated twice for the Country Music Association of Ontario Rising Star Award, two Best Country Artist nominations from the Toronto Independent Music Awards, two MARTY Awards, as well as being awarded the Best New Album at the Radio Nation Music Awards for her 2012 debut Finding My Way.

Apart from her image as an actress and songstress, she also happens to be an activist. In 2011, Todd made an appearance at the Party for Freedom at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which launched the Alliance Against Modern Slavery, a non-profit organization seeking to combat human trafficking.

Well with so much work in her share, Todd must hardly have any time for dating anyone. No wonder she’s single after all who’d have time for boyfriends when you’ve got so many fantastic works to do. The amazingly talented Kate Todd has an estimated net worth of $79 thousand.