Is Kate Middleton separating from Prince William? Know how Kate’s Married life is?

HitBerryPublished on   13 Sep, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Have you ever imagined that marriage of Kate Middleton and the Duke of Cambridge can also go wrong? Prince William is second in line to the British throne, that makes Kate as the future queen, but according to the rumors of their divorce, the title is less likely. What possibly had gone wrong?

During six years period of marriage, the royal couple had two children, a boy, and a girl while a third one is on the way as sources have confirmed that the Duchess is pregnant, in September 2017. Overall, it seems like a fairy tale, happy ever after story. But wait there might be more to this than meets the eye.

Kate's relationship with Prince William after marriage

The couple, once entitled the world's most Perfect Couple can often be spotted laughing and joking. Of course, they must smile and wave. They are the royal couple. But, something seems off key regarding their relationship.

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Prince not wearing his wedding ring Prince not wearing his wedding ring Source:

The Prince, for instance, was seen without a wedding ring in a royal engagement, confirmed by Citizen Oracle. Despite relationship experts saying that they have a strong chemistry, hints say otherwise.

Hints that suggest their marriage is falling apart

Let's trace the hints from the past. On William's 21st birthday, Jecca, his old flame was in the pride of place next to him even when Kate was at the event, before their marriage.

Yet, Prince William went to Kenya to attend Jecca's wedding in 2016, according to the Telegraph, even though Jecca is one of the people Kate highly disapproves of. That's the worst nightmare a wife can imagine. Does he still have a feeling for his ex-girlfriend?

Jessica, former teen girlfriend of Prince Williams Jessica, former teen girlfriend of Prince Williams Source:

Jecca Craig was not the only girl he was seen with. Back in 2004, William had a huge crush on Isabella, the banking heiress of Lady Mary Gaye Curzon but she rejected him right away. Sources also tell that she was the reason for the famous break-up with Kate before the marriage. He was so in love with Isabella, it is said that William would have left Kate if there were any chances of being with her.

William does the 'Dad dance' and gets all friendly with topless models

Recently, Prince William was also in the limelight for his 'dad dance' at Farinet nightclub, Switzerland. He had gone to Verbier for a supposed ski trip with his friends, in March this year but nobody knew he was in a party mood. One of the onlookers told that the Prince was rocking the dance floor so hard that he had to look twice just to be sure.

You can imagine he was having a great time. Partying while missing out a Commonwealth Day service is acceptable but a father of two and future king dancing with topless models and getting way more comfortable with them. That's a strictly 'NO-NO'. Worse, he was also suspected of getting involved with a 24-year-old Aussie model. Don't you think his actions were a bit off limits?

Kate Middleton fears Isabella since Isabella was his first choice Kate Middleton fears Isabella since Isabella was his first choice Source:

Meanwhile, his wife was taking care of his children. Kate must have felt betrayed. But she may love him so much that she can forgive all his mistakes. Middleton gives the impression of a strong woman, after all, she is the people's princess.

Moreover, she appears trying hard to save the marriage. Can it be possible that Kate Middleton became pregnant only to revive her marriage? They say a child can rekindle the love in a loveless relationship. Just a thought.