Is Jung Ah Dating Jung Chang. Learn more about her Love Story and Past Affairs

HitBerryPublished on   14 Aug, 2017Updated on   26 May, 2021

The popular Korean actress Jung Ah has found herself amidst dating rumors with the basketball player Jung Chan. Wait, Is Jung Ah dating Jung Chang? Find out..

Yum Jung-ah is a South Korean actress. Her notable films include 'A Tale of Two Sisters,' 'The Big Swindle,' 'The Old Garden,' and 'Cart,' as well as the television series 'Royal Family.' Chia-Jung Chang is a popular Korean basketball player associated.

Jung Ah dating Jung Chang

The pair's romance sparked more and more. And at the moment, these two are speculated to be dating. Moreover, Not only the couple's affair rumor has caught attention in the outside world, but they are both excessively talked about together on the internet.

Jung Ah dating Jung Chang Jung Ah dating Jung Chang Source: Daily K Pop News

When you type in Jung Chang Young on various domestic portal sites, the related search term comes up as Jung Ah. The lovebirds often use each other's initials hashtagging on their posts which make it pretty clear that something's been cooking among these two lately.

Various speculations and assumptions are being taken by several sources about Jung Ah and Jung Chang. Where their possible affair news is on the line, other sources tell that these two are just friends, and just getting to know each other. Some gushed that they do have feelings for each other but they have not progressed into a relationship.

What is the truth behind these two stars Jung Ah and Jung Chang's love life, time will confirm?

Jung Ah's past affair

Before Jung Chang came into Jung Ah's life, the rumors about her affairs with Shinee's Onew spread out. As for Lee Jin-ki, better known by his stage name Onew, he is a South Korean singer and an actor.

Jung Ah and Onew Jung Ah and Onew Source: Daily K Pop News

These two were spotted several times with each other making a public appearance. During the showcase of After School's comeback, 'First Love', she made it clear in an interview that they are just friends;

'Onew and I are not awkward with each other after dating rumors were started when we were photographed together in Apugujeong. It’s not awkward because I see him as a younger brother after knowing him for so long. We are still friendly and comfortable with each other.'

But a few months later, these two were again seen together which showed that they were having a date and were not just hanging out. Their agencies also constantly denied that they were dating.

While looking at their Twitter conversations, the story says something else. As they are immensely found tweeting one another with flirty comments.