Is Journalist Susanna Reid Married? She has three sons with her partner. Who is her husband?

HitBerryPublished on   01 Feb, 2017Updated on   20 May, 2021

Do you think a women need husband in every step of her life? Well, i dont think if she is determined and is ready to accept any kinds of challenges in her life. Susanna Reid is one of them. Though she was in a long relationship which didn't work out at the end, Susanna finally opened up about her collaspe with Dominic after she was asked frequently by the media.

Susanna is single nowadays as she says she has much bigger responsibilities in which she is fully focused. I dont think we will get to see her husband until she changes her mind about marriage. Let's know more about her love life or if she has any children with Dominic Cotton.

How long were they together? Why did they split?

How does it feel to know that Susanna and Dominic were together since 1998. It is a long period, isn't it? Of course, it is. In such a long year of relation, they had three sons. They seem to be very happy until 2014. What happened to their relationship as the couples were showing no sign of split. Well, only the couples know what was wrong with them.

Rumors are going around that the couples split after Dominic refused to go the Talent show in UK in which Susanna was taking part. This might seem a very small topic for such a couple to split after such a long relation.

But they broke up after the event. Dominic was the one to take the decision of breaking apart. Susanna was hurt and in pain after Dominic took the decision.

Susanna and Dominic after their breakup in February


They finally broke up in 2014. Dominic is in a relationship with Adela Straughan currently. These new couples are seen together very often. Susanna is not seen with anyone after her breakup with Dominic.

However, it is known that Susanna and Dominic are still living together with their children. They are sharing the same house. Despite knowing that Dominic has a new girlfriend, these couples are living under the same roof. Isn't it strange? It is. Susanna reveals that she is with her ex for the sake of their children, though.

 Susanna and Dominic with their sons


Susanna is not married and hasn't thought about marriage yet. She is planning in such a way that will be better for her as well as her children; Sam Cotton, Finn Cotton and Jack Cotton.