Is John Hassall Single? If that is not true, who is he Dating?

October 12, 2017
First Published On: October 12, 2017
by HitBerry

It is better to lock up your heart with a merciless padlock than to fall in love with someone who doesn't know what they mean to you.Well, there are several celebrities who prefer to remain in their single life. It's hard to digest, despite being renowned faces, they haven't  still found a perfect match for their life.

Musician Josh Hall is in the music industry with his most iconic and one of the most viewed bands Libertines in our time. You may well know a band The April Rainers. Keeping his professional life aside, let's know more about his love affairs. So is he dating anyone in recent days? If not is he married?

John Hassall dates in 2017

Twenty years in the music industry and there might be s few people who don't know about this musician. However, surrounded by the fame, media and his fans, Hassall somehow managed to maintain a low key life.

When it comes to his love affairs and relationships, John prefers to maintain a complete privacy.

John Hassall, source: jonchoo - blogger

However, the 36 years old Hassall music career at its peak. But unlikely his career, his personal life hasn't been in much of headlines.

In recent days, John is in the news. Definitely not about his love affairs but with latest album " Wheels to Idyll".

John Hassall, source: Alchetron

You will be surprised to know, Josh hasn't opened much when it comes to his personal life. In few interviews, John speaks on his band rather than his love affairs.

When it comes to celebrities, it's obvious that they are attached to social media. But in case of John, it's exceptional. Hassal got an Instagram but along with his The April Rainers band members. Most of his posts are from his concerts and promoting albums.

So if he isn't dating, you might be wondering is John bisexual. Hassal hasn't come out as a bisexual and there are not much of rumors floating around the internet on his sexuality.

Who is John Hassall?

John Cory Hassall aka John Hassall is an English musician most famous as bassist for The Libertines, and for his own band The April Rainers. You might know for his previous band Yeti.

The Libertines' John Hassall Announces Debut Album With New Band The April Rainers, source: Stereoboard

Inspired by The Beatles at the age of 13, John music is mostly inspired by this classic band. There are interesting facts on how John ended up with The April Rainers.

Recently, John's debuted album “Wheels To Idyll” is out officially and they hype for this album among was high.

We hope in near future, John speaks more about his personal life. As Hassall fans want to know more about him.